Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek: How Cory And Taylor Revealed Their Baby On The Way

Cory and Taylor are about to be separated while Ryder’s dad competes on The Challenge. And there’s an added total madness layer to this time apart, the couple will reveal on this week’s Teen Mom OG episode.

“Taylor’s going to be okay, she’s going home with her family which sets peace of mind for me because Taylor’s pregnant,” Cory says to producer JC in the clip above.

“Wait, what?” JC directs at the Ex on the Beach lovebirds.

Cory then rubs Taylor’s nearly 12-week belly and admits his girlfriend “has a little something going on in there.” The next step: Telling Cheyenne. Are they “nervous” to talk to the young mom about this life-changing news? Watch the video to find out — and do not miss the entire Teen Mom OG installment on Tuesday at 8/7c! And keep watching Cory on The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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