Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee says she’s ‘living alone’ after splitting from husband again as his cheating plays out on show – The Sun

TEEN Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee revealed she has split from her husband Josh again and is “living alone” as his cheating scandal plays out this season.

Mackenzie, 25, revealed the bombshell in an Instagram post before Josh admitted to being “inappropriate” with a woman at a bar while out of town on the season premiere of TMOG.

Mackenzie, 25, split from her husband in August when the cheating scandal broke.

Then in October, Josh re-proposed to Mackenzie.

But the couple has split again, as she shared on Instagram: “Last year was a year I never imagined would happen to me. My heart was shattered into pieces, I learned more about life and myself in 6 months than in all 25 years of life.”

She continued: “I am still trying to crawl out of last year and to have to relive it all over again is something I don’t think I can conquer.

"For Josh’s sake and what I know will be shown, I am here to say that I have not been a perfect wife throughout the years and have made several unfaithful mistakes as now has he.”

She continued that she is “choosing at this time to live alone” and focus on her three children and business.

Mackenzie added: “I have let the public control how I think of Josh and the choices I make and for the sake of us, I choose to stay away from reading social media. I know God has my life in the palm of his hands and has a beautiful bright future ahead if I just stay faithful to him.”

Mackenzie also mentioned her mother Angie, who passed away from cancer in December 2019.

She wrote: “And I lost my very best friend in a time I needed her most. Some days I feel like I will die of a broken heart. Some days I want to hide in a dark hole and never come out because of complete public humiliation.”

Mackenzie said she has deactivated her Twitter for “mental health reasons” and will not watch this season.

She ended the statement with: “I ask all prayer warriors pray for me as this show publicly airs the hardest year of my life. That people learn from me and connect so it was worth it.

"And if there is a next season, I promise you will see me come out on top.”

Josh and Mackenzie married in 2013 after dating on-and-off since 2009.

Mackenzie announced her divorce on Instagram when his cheating scandal broke.

She wrote at the time: “However I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you.”

Then in October, he re-proposed with an engagement scavenger hunt after a couple’s retreat.

She told People: “We found our way back to each other even when we thought it was impossible. I fell in love with a new man.

“Our marriage has always needed fixing. It’s always needed help. I had been angry with him for a long time and had never really forgiven him for the past.”

The last photo Mackenzie posted with Josh was from January.

On the season premiere, Josh said: “I did go to the bar and was inappropriate with things. At this moment we really need to focus on finding ourselves again. I’m lost. I hate that we’re going through this.

"I’ll fight. I’ll fight for you with or without you. I’m so sorry. Truly deep down, I do love you.”

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/9c on MTV.

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