Teen Mom Maci cries admitting she can 'never fix' son Bentley's 'pain' as dad Ryan Edwards 'neglects' 12-year-old

TEEN Mom star Maci Bookout broke down in tears on Tuesday's episode as she admitted she can "never fix" the pain her son Bentley feels.

The 12-year-old had his first counselling session, and later his therapist told mom Maci that his "main concern is he seems to feel neglected by his father."

His father, Ryan Edwards, has a tumultuous relationshp with Maci, and previously suggested Bentley's desire for therapy may be his "momma's bulls**t."

Fans saw his therapist tell Maci that Bentley "has a hard time knowing to feel about it – it's a difficult thing for a kid to feel they need to teach their dad how to be a dad, it's not their job."

"It does feel like there are some real emotional needs that Ryan isn't meeting, no attention or interest in his life that Bentley wants and needs from his biological father."

As they ended the call, Maci appeared speechless before telling her husband Taylor: "I am angry, I never wanted to put neglect and Bentley in the same sentence.

"[The therapist] talking about Bentley feeling neglected by [Ryan] is a big emotion.

"There's a hole only one person can fill, and as a mom nothing I do will ever do that, it's a pain I can never fix for him. It makes me so mad."

Bentley's father Ryan, 33, was previously not allowed contact with Maci, due to a 2-year restraining order that was recently lifted in May of 2020.

Though the father now has the ability to contact his ex-fiancée, he also mentioned in the first episode of the latest season that he has no desire to do so.

Bentley has shown interest in attending therapy with his father for sometime, due to the constant strain that has been put on their relationship over the last several years.

However, in the teaser for the new season, Ryan shut down his son's request, and called the need for counseling "bullsh**t."

Fans saw it play out on Tuesday's episode as Ryan, a staunch Trump supporter,t old his wife Mackenzie: "Maci said Bentley wanted us to go to counselling, and if he says that's how he feels, then fine, but is it just his momma's bulls**t?

"I feel sorry for Bentley he has to grow up like that and with that kind of person raising him."

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