Teen Mom Farrah Abraham accused of getting MORE plastic surgery as viewers think she 'looks about 45.'

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham has been accused of getting MORE plastic surgery as viewers think she "looks about 45 years old."

A short video shared on Reddit poked fun at Farrah, 29, who is seen wearing a flashy red dress. 

In the video, Farrah picked her nose, then looked at her fingers, and jokingly said: "There is a little part of my brain that fell out there."

The edited video stopped there to add wind sounds and snowstorm effects before continuing. 

The video concluded with a close-up of the reality star, who wore a cap that spelled out: "Farrah AF."

In the close-up, Farrah's cheeks were puffed out and her lips seem to have been plumped up.  

Viewers jumped onto the comments section to hash out their feelings on the Teen Mom's appearance. 

One person wrote: "She looks like she's in her 50s."

Another wrote: "She looks so much older than she is."

A Reddit user mentioned: "Ew wtf that is so gross! She is so unwell. It's just sad at this point man, what a train wreck."

A fourth user stated: "She looks 45 years old."

A commentator said: "Well… that was terrifying."

The Reddit video trolled a segment from Farah's Domestic Goddess skit made back in 2019. 

This isn't the first time that fans have trolled the TV star over her recent looks. 

Over on Instagram, the former 16 & Pregnant star shared a snapshot of her new set of eyelashes, her blonde hairdo, and glossy lips. 

Due to the filter and the heavy pink makeup, Farrah looked extremely different from when fans first met her.

Also on social media, Farrah posted a short video of the self-defense class she took with her daughter, Sophia.

Fans bounced onto the comments to sound off on their dislike of Farrah's looks.

A fan ranted: "Calm down on the surgery, can you not see your lips are hanging all different directions."

Another troll mentioned: "Why do you use always a filter on your face! All that surgery…"

Viewers previously made fun of Farrah's facial features after she posted a video about her upcoming 30th birthday.

In the clip, Farrah said she was "so scared" to celebrate her "big golden birthday."

The mother-of-one flaunted her slim figure in a low-cut brown bikini.

Fans were more interested in talking about how her lips had grown bigger, and how her chin appeared angular.

Another fan argued: "She didn't need all that surgery and I'm sure she would be aging a lot better if she never went through with it. Or at least kept it subtle."


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