Summer hides miscarriage in illegal con against Mike and Esther in Corrie

There was sadness for Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) in tonight’s Coronation Street when, after feeling ill all day, she started bleeding and was told at the hospital that she’d suffered a miscarriage.

This came after a visit to Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther (Vanessa Hehir), the couple who plan to adopt the baby Summer was expecting. Mike and Esther had made Summer an offer to come and live with them during her pregnancy, because she needed to keep it a secret from Billy (Daniel Brocklebank).

Aaron (James Craven) had reservations, because Mike and Esther are very weird and clingy with Summer and try to push him out a bit. But in the end it was Summer’s decision and she happily agreed to the plan.

Then they got a call from Jacob (Jack James Ryan) to say that Aaron’s dad Eric (Craig Cheetham) had turned up at the flat, drunk. Aaron dealt with that, but then Summer had to rush to hospital and was told about the miscarriage.

When the couple returned to the flat they found Eric was still drunk and had blood on his face from an accident. He was aggressive towards Aaron and it took Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Jacob to help get him in a taxi and sent to A&E. As the taxi pulled away, Aaron crumbled and said he couldn’t take any more of his dad’s behaviour.

Later he told Summer he had no choice but to move in with Eric again to keep an eye on him. Knowing that Eric has been violent to her boyfriend in the past, Summer offered to move with him, before coming up with another plan.

She said that she could keep her miscarriage a secret from Mike and Esther and use the next instalment of the money they’re paying her to fund another stay in rehab for Eric. ‘All he needs is a bit more time,’ she reasoned.

Aaron pointed out that they would be committing fraud by taking money from Esther and Mike on a false pretext, but Summer said it was the only hope they had of being able to save Eric. Aaron said he thought she sounded ‘mad.’

But Summer was not about to be deterred. ‘If you want your dad alive this is our only choice,’ she insisted.

Will she be able to keep up the pretence that she’s still pregnant?

And how much worse is it going to be when she finally has to tell Mike and Esther the truth?

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