Stunt, death and wedding revenge: Emmerdale's full 50th anniversary revealed

As we get into the latter part of summer, cast and crew in the Emmerdale village are in the middle of filming for the soap’s 50th anniversary.

It’s a super exciting time for everyone! Usually in Autumn, the drama really picks up but for Emmerdale, the pressure is really on as they must deliver even bigger storylines for the celebratory month.

So far this year, every time we’ve mentioned the anniversary, we’ve speculated storylines or provided quotes from stars that only tease what’s ahead.

This time, things are different, as Emmerdale bosses have provided us with some *chef’s kiss* perfect quotes that will allow us to get a pretty clear idea of what’s going on in the village very soon.

Let’s begin with something we’re all really good at talking about.

The weather.


A storm.

Forget your helicopter crashes, it’s all about the disaster that can occur during a catastrophic weather event for this year’s anniversary.

Teasing what’s ahead, producer Kate Brooks revealed:

‘As part of our big 50th week, though we’re doing a month of celebration, the big 50th week will focus on a massive storm that is going to rip through the village and leave an absolutely massive trail of destruction in its wake. Some of our best-loved villagers will be in peril and it’s safe to say that literally the village won’t be the same after this. It’ll never be the same again because the impact the storm has on people’s lives is massive. So that is our big set-piece stunt.

‘Obviously throughout this we also have stories which will be massive and peaking across the month of October. Two big centrepieces are the Woolpack and Home Farm. We are very keen to make sure we’ve covered all the different characters and that all the families who are in the village are affected and impacted in some way by what happens during the month of October.’

She continued: ‘In terms of filming it’s quite unprecedented in terms of scale. There are elements of the big storm week that I’ve not seen on a soap drama before and it’s very exciting/nerve-wracking to be art of that and hopefully it’ll all be brilliant and it’ll all be absolutely fantastic when you guys get to watch the episodes.’

Kim and Will’s wedding

Preparation is continuing for Kim (Claire King) and Will’s (Dean Andrews) wedding in the village.

So far, Kim has sacked Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), hired Lydia (Karen Blick), she’s laid down her requirements for the most lavish wedding the Dales has ever seen.

This is Kim Tate, after all.

What this also is, is a soap – Kim and Will’s wedding isn’t going to be a day filled with complete happiness and success…what were you expecting?

Revealing more details about the big day, Jane Hudson said:

‘On the 16th we will be having our special birthday episode which is our Kim and Will wedding. Of course it’s not going to go smoothly.’

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is one person who takes part in the challenge of making Kim and Will’s day as difficult as possible.

Why? Oh, because Harriet still loves Will – and she’s not going to keep that secret hidden.

Add this to the fact Malone’s body is god knows where, Katherine has hinted at whether her character could find herself in trouble during the village storm:

‘That’s always going to be hovering in the background isn’t it? But I don’t know, hand on heart, where Kim put the body so it’s nothing to do with me anymore [laughs]. I don’t know where he is. I left him in the woods quite safely under six foot of earth, wrapped up in a blanket or carpet, so what happened after that I have no idea!

‘She’s [Harriet] got to make her feelings known before he walks down the aisle. Harriet and Kim Tate are both quite feisty women and able to look after themselves. There’ll be fireworks. More fireworks! They’ll have their moments.’

Amelia’s pregnancy

Away from the wedding, Amelia (Daisy Campbell) is in her third trimester by the time the anniversary approaches.

With the storm approaching (literal and metaphorical, to be honest), we know lives are going to be put in danger, but could young Amelia really find herself alone and giving birth in the middle of this huge event?

‘Amelia is due soon’, the producer revealed.

‘Whether or not she has the baby in the 50th celebration I’m obviously not going to tell you. Amelia does play a very big part in the storm and she needs to be found because she’s stuck on her own. So, she does play a very big part.

‘Going forward we have the brilliantness of the Dingles against the Spencers against everybody for some fantastic, proper family rows that are going to take place between them.’

Three returns

Yes! It wouldn’t be an anniversary without some returning faces, huh?

‘Diane, Aaron and Tracy will all be making a reappearance, albeit on a temporary basis’, Kate confirms.

‘They’ll come back and be at the heart of some really big stories that’ll impact their lives and not just their lives, but the lives of the characters they leave behind. It’s all really exciting and it’s all brilliant.’

Faith’s cancer

October really is going to be full of emotions for Emmerdale fans.

Away from the excitement of seeing Diane, Aaron and Tracy again, we will also see the focus on Faith (Sally Dexter) continue, as her cancer takes hold.

‘As we start our brilliant month we’ll be focusing on our Faith storyline, which is a huge storyline for us at the moment and then we will work our way into our storm’, Jane explains.

‘Faith’s heartbreaking story is going to be huge across our 50th. Everybody involved in that story is pulling out some of the most spectacular performances I’ve seen in a soap for a long time.’

Chas and Al’s affair revealed?

We are praying Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Al (Michael Wildman) won’t be allowed to sneak around and continue their affair for much longer, but what will happen when the secret inevitably gets out?

Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Al are mortal enemies and for Jeff, he knows when Cain finds out what his sister has been up to, he isn’t going to move on and accept the betrayal easily:

‘I think Al and Cain have been circling each other for quite a while, and probably been circling each other because of Covid!’, Jeff laughs.

‘We’ve had a lot of “I’m going to get you but I can’t get you because of Covid”. But I think this is going to lead to something if he finds out. I think there could be fireworks but not the kind you get in November.’

A deadly goodbye?

We mentioned the helicopter crash at the top of this piece, just one in a very long line of memorable stunts Emmerdale has pulled off over the years.

With this huge storm blowing into the village, producers have confirmed people will get injured during it…but could someone use it to cover up a potential murder?

‘There is always potential for a murder in Emmerdale!’, they added.

‘It’s Emmerdale, it’s famous for its murders. I can’t tell you. But it’s Emmerdale and there’s normally a murderer lurking around a corner somewhere.’

Something new for Nate

We haven’t seen Nate (Jurell Carter) a great deal since Tracy left the village, he’s mainly been feeling a bit down after learning his partner had moved on with her life.

That’s all set to change as Nate will react to Tracy’s return in October but also, he will find himself involved in a new, very intriguing storyline.

‘There is a story that involves Nate, Sam and Belle which is the one that only Emmerdale can do and that’s going to dominate quite a lot of the 50th as well.’

Well, that’s quite enough spoilers for one article!

Of course, as the weeks continue, we will no doubt reveal more teasers about the anniversary.

Roll on autumn!

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