Spoilers: EastEnders reveals Bex's exit storyline

Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) is looking to the future in EastEnders and determined to break free of the constraints of Walford as the actress bows out of the role. But Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) is determined to keep her daughter around – and even goes to the lengths of swiping her passport and hiding it. The nerve!

Bex previously felt so under pressure to go to university that it drove her to take tablets and go off the rails, leading to a heartwrenching breakdown. As this weighed on her and the direction her life was taking led to a suicide attempt, Sonia and Martin (James Bye) were understandably distraught and Sonia has wrapped Bex in cotton wool.

It’s clear that home life has been suffocating Bex and she eventually reaches the big decision that she wants to spread her wings and go travelling. Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) encourages her, reckoning that it will be good for her – but Sonia and Martin certainly don’t share that opinion when she reveals the news to them.

As Bex defies Sonia’s refusal to get on board, she starts to pack her bags and Martin tries to get stubborn Sonia to see sense and trust her daughter with her own life and decisions. But when Bex can’t find her passport, Bex knows exactly who to accuse!

As Bex has a go at Sonia and demands that she hands it back, Sonia reiterates her stance that Bex is doing the wrong thing and should stay at home. But after a pep talk from Max and Jack Branning (Jake Wood and Scott Maslen), Sonia falters and then a letter from Bex opens her eyes and she realises that she is being selfish.

As Bex’s words hit home, will Sonia give her her blessing and will the pair part on good terms as Bex sees the world as her oyster after a hugely tough couple of years?

One to watch: Friday 6 March at 8pm on BBC One.

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