Spoilers: Casualty star reveals how Zsa Zsa felt after that heartbreaking ending

Everyone’s favourite American neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (Sharon Gless) arrived once more in Casualty tonight to perform an intricate operation on Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) and Lev’s (Uriel Emil) son Luka Malinovsky after a scan revealed he had a brain tumour.

No surprises, it was an emotional episode once more but it came with some laughs as the flamboyant Zsa Zsa and her silent assistant Jeffers (has he ever cracked a smile?) made their way into the ED and were met with Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) — or ‘Ms Bochamp’ as Zsa Zsa called her!

The laughs soon stopped, however, as Zsa Zsa prepped her team for Luka’s complicated operation. With Faith and Lev watching Zsa Zsa perform the operation, the pressure was certainly on as she drilled into their son’s skull to remove the tumour that was sitting dangerously close to his brain stem.

Despite Zsa Zsa being a world-renowned surgeon, even the absolute best can’t fix everyone, and as Zsa Zsa said to Dylan (William Beck) ‘every once in a while, the human body does something to remind us who’s really in charge’ and Luka’s operation had to end after more tumour was found. Once Zsa Zsa told Faith and Lev that they had call off the surgery to stop risk of any damage, we saw Lev’s angry side once more as he couldn’t understand why such a powerful surgeon was unable to save his son.

Metro.co.uk recently caught up with Hollywood star Sharon Gless — who plays Zsa Zsa — and she revealed how the outcome of Luka’s surgery affects Zsa Zsa:

She said: ‘The overall fact of it is, is that the surgery she does is complicated – she knows exactly what it is she’s seen the pictures, she knows exactly what she’s going to do but unfortunately nature turns on them. The thing is Zsa Zsa’s ego is so colossal, she bows to Connie and says, ‘the world famous brain surgeon is back!’  – she is so arrogant!

‘And then this surgery turns out to actually be very complicated and something happens during the surgery that was not counted on. It’s not that she failed, she didn’t make a mistake, but nature has its own way. It’s sad for her and a bit embarrassing for her because she feels like she’s let Dee Dee down, it doesn’t work out the way she dreamed.’

We already saw Zsa Zsa question Dylan as to why he flew her all the way over from America to operate on the child of someone he barely knows, and as Sharon told us, she thinks Zsa Zsa has already caught on to the fact that Dylan may see Faith as more than just a friend:

‘Faith is someone who Zsa Zsa thinks Dee Dee is attracted to…I mean, he flies her all the way over from America for this woman’s son! Faith means so much to him so he wanted who he thought is the world’s best to operate on her son, and he wouldn’t let anybody else touch this boy except Zsa Zsa – and that was his choice.’

A positive that came from the surgery was that Zsa Zsa had removed some of the tumour, and as Faith and Lev decide whether chemotherapy is the best option for their son, Sharon explained how Zsa Zsa had to look for the positives of the surgery, despite the guilt and feeling like she had let Dylan down:

‘In her mind she’s come over to save the day but this time the outcome of the surgery is sad, but it’s real life you know? However, she is able to keep the Luka alive, but she did want to save him, only she didn’t know how bad the tumour was in Luka’s head.’

As we wave goodbye to Zsa Zsa once more, there’s no doubt that Dylan will begin to feel bad for getting Faith and Lev’s hopes up that their son could be saved. And with Lev using anger to release his emotions, could Faith confide in Dylan instead of her husband – resulting in the two of them growing closer?

Casualty continues Saturday 7 March on BBC One.

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