Spoilers: Callum supports Ben as he breaks down over being deaf in EastEnders

Callum Highway (Tony Clay) has certainly been through a lot since Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) kidnapped him and left him to rot, cowardly fleeing with his tail between his legs after being instrumental in causing an entire party boat to crash in EastEnders.

Not only has he been torn away from his loved ones, lived in fear for his life and been starving, hurt, cold and dehydrated – but he missed a whole massive week of EastEnders on TV. Unforgiveable.

Since he has been gone and everyone who searched seemingly forgot to look down, Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has been frantic but managed to finally locate him with the help of Stuart (Ricky Champ) and Jay (Jamie Borthwick).

But as Callum rested up in hospital, glad to be alive, Stuart filled him in on everything he had missed – from Dennis’ death and Whitney being incarcerated through to the devastating matter that Ben has suffered serious hearing loss.

As Callum was discharged, Ben made it clear that Callum had been granted a second chance at life and, as he felt responsible for him being caught in the mess, Callum deserved a better life without him. But Callum assured Ben that he didn’t want anything else and jokingly quipped that he would still ‘do’ Ben whether he was deaf or not.

As the pair cuddled up, they were glad to be back in one another’s arms, each providing comfort to the other but as Callum headed upstairs so they could catch up properly, a distracted Ben became aware that the hearing was getting even worse and he could barely even hear the clanging of pans together or a heavily running tap.

As he broke down in tears, Callum held him close, promising to be there for him through everything. As the couple face the future together, will Ben lower his defences and allow Callum to see every part of his world, even the ones that he wrongly considers weak?

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