Six Hollyoaks spoilers for next week including Warren and Liam's tense showdown

WARREN threatens Liam in a dramatic showdown in Hollyoaks after Liam trashes The Dog in front of Mercedes.

Here’s what’s happening in Hollyoaks next week…

1. Liam commits another crime

Mercedes is left terrified when her old flame Liam trashes The Dog in front of her.

Liam turns up at the pub with a group of boys to terrorise her and annihilate her business.

When they finally leave, she shakily tries to clean up the mess.

2. Liam and Warren have a tense showdown

Liam is celebrating his latest mission with his gang when a furious Warren turns up and demands to know what Liam is playing at.

Warren makes clear that Liam won’t get away with targeting his girlfriend Mercedes.

Warren isn't afraid to throw his weight around – but will he get violent with Liam?

And could this be the start of a new feud in the village?

3. Verity makes a dramatic return

Edward’s daughter Verity makes her return next week in Hollyoaks.

Edward is quick to let her in on his secret plan to steal Diane away from Tony.

Will his daughter help him do the deed or will she persuade him otherwise?

4. Edward and Marnie go on a date

Things get cosy between the pair as they set off on a date.

But later in the night, Edward is quick to remind Marnie that he doesn’t want anything serious.

How will Marnie react?

5. Edward continues to scheme

Edward starts to use Marnie to make Diane jealous, knowing that she still has feelings for him.

But will his nasty plan backfire?

6. Darren spirals

Hollyoaks fans know that Daniel has been struggling with depression and next week he's set to spiral.

His family are concerned when he forgets to do normal tasks like picking up his son from school.

When he starts to oversleep as well, he realises something is seriously wrong.

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