Seven Emmerdale spoilers for next week including the village's shock reaction to Paul Ashdale's death

EMMERDALE will be back with another eventful week as the villagers reacts to the shock death of Paul Ashdale.

Here’s the lowdown on what will happen next week in the Yorkshire Dales.

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1. The aftermath of Paul's death

The villagers are still in shock after the sudden death of evil abuser Paul Ashdale after the barn disaster.

Police arrive to ask questions about what transpired, and as truths begin to emerge, there is great upset ahead for those involved.

Charles is also asked to make some funeral arrangements, which leave him in a tricky position as the circumstances are far from normal.

2. Bob grows jealous when Bob shows interest in Wendy

Bob confides in Dan how he and Wendy have yet to consummate their relationship and Dan encourages him to try and make a move.

The following day Dan pops over again and Dan offers to fix Wendy’s car for free and soon Bob is jealous to see the pair chatting together, things are clearly still awkward between them after last night. 

Later, after Wendy made dinner for Dan and Bob, Bob is called to the pub to deal with a delivery but he’s uneasy about leaving them both alone together. Is Bob right to be worried?

The next day Dan makes another excuse to drop in on Wendy and Bob returns to to find Wendy and Dan cosily playing cards together. Bob’s jealousy picques and causes him to confront the situation by asking Wendy where they stand.

3. Charity is given a second chance

Charity wants to make peace with her children and soon convinces Noah to give her another chance.

He tells her Sarah will need a lot more work and Noah intervenes by trying to set up a chance meeting, but it backfires.

Ryan is determined to bring his family back together and tells Charity she needs to show Sarah she can be dependable. But can she? 

4. Charles and Andrea go on a date

Andrea decides to ask Charles out for a drink, which he initially turned down.

But when Ethan encourages him he asks her to have that drink and she enthusiastically agrees.

Manpreet finds she is suppressing her jealousy when she sees them together.

Their date goes well so Charles arranges another but Meena seems upset by this union and starts stirring with Manpreet…

5. Faith starts to take over Tracey's home

Faith is taking over and Tracy feels she’s lost control in her own home.

While the new mum was happy for the extra help, she now feels Faith is starting to take over.

Could it spell the end of Faith’s residency with them?

6. Eric is caught in the middle

Faith is at the centre of tension elsewhere too, as she buts heads with Brenda in the café.

The pair engage in a heated exchange and Eric is caught in between the two.

He comforts Brenda, but his mind soon wanders to his ex.

Feeling the wrath of multiple members of the village, can Faith find a way to turn her fortunes around?

7. Sarah is not happy with Charity

Noah becomes a reluctant accomplice for Charity by setting up a supposed 'chance meeting' between her and Sarah.

However, this backfires when Sarah isn't pleased to see Charity.

Charity's son Ryan also helps to try and mend things with the pair, advising Charity that she needs to prove to Sarah that she can depend on her.

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