Scarlett Moffatt reveals she's convinced Stonehenge was built by aliens and has 'clear evidence'

GOGGLEBOX star Scarlett Moffatt has revealed how she is convinced Stonehenge was built by aliens due to "clear evidence".

Talking on her podcast Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe, the 30-year-old said she was certain it was built as an "alien team building exercise".

Joined by comedian Joe Lycett, and her now ex-boyfriend Scott Dobinson after their shock break-up, she discussed the formation of the famous rocks.

She compared the building of the ancient Wiltshire monument to a team-building exercise she did on a job interview as a checkout operator.

"I'm obsessed with aliens and I always think that aliens have built everything," Scarlett began. "I have clear evidence."

The Channel 4 star went on to explain how there is "talk" that aliens visited earth in "ancient times" to explain to humans the workings of the earth.

Scarlett explained she believes the rocks may have been placed to represent "mother Earth's vagina" as a fun game between the extra-terrestrials.

"Some people say that Stonehenge was built to represent mother Earth's vagina," she joked, adding: "It's not a designer vagina, that one."

Scarlett went on to explain that it would've been a good "team building exercise" for aliens to get to know each other.

"I had a job interview at Asda, which I got by the way – I'm not bigging myself up or nothing, but I did get the job as a checkout operator," she began.

"We had to build little models with dried spaghetti and marshmallows. So what's to say that aliens haven't come down to earth and said, 'Right we're on this different planet, we've got jobs to do'.

"So they've got a little bit of team building – it just so happened that they dropped a spaceship in Salisbury.

"They were like, 'Right, team building exercise – let's see who can make the structure. Do you not think that could be it?"

The podcast episode came just days before the star revealed she had split with her boyfriend Scott after two years together.

The couple, who started dating in 2019, had only just moved into their “forever home” together.

Friends of Scarlett said the couple made the decision to end their relationship together, leaving her "heartbroken".

A source added: “Scarlett is heartbroken that her relationship with Scott has come to an end. They’ve had a rough few weeks and lately it’s all become too much.

“Together they have decided to take time apart and Scarlett has told people it is over for good. They were very amicable, it’s just a shame.

“Everyone who knows them hope they can work it out as they make such a great couple.”

Scarlett posted about their split on Instagram late on Sunday night but deleted the post after a few seconds.

It read: “Unfortunately me and Scott are no longer together.

“Nothing major has happened, it’s just one of those sad things. I’m going to stay positive for the future and if this lockdown has taught me anything it’s to grab life by the horns as life’s far too short.”

Since their split, which happened over the weekend, Scarlett has removed Scott’s Instagram account from their joint property profile and both have unfollowed each other on the social media app.

Scarlett and Scott, who have a joint podcast on BBC Sounds, shared with fans that they had bought their “dream home” in February.

They had been busy renovating the property and had made an Instagram account so Scarlett’s fans could keep track of their progress.

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