Roman Kemp earns £1m since I'm A Celeb with shameless plugs for chocolate, Coca-Cola and cereal

HE was raised with a shiny, golden spoon in his gob thanks to his parents, Spandau Ballet frontman Martin and singer ­Shirlie Kemp.

And after landing a plum job hosting the Capital FM Breakfast Show in 2014, it’s fair to say young Roman isn’t short of a bob or two.

But over the past nine months it has become pretty clear that the DJ’s side-hustle is almost as impressive as his dad’s back catalogue — or ­perhaps to put it more bluntly, he is prepared to sell out to just about anyone.

From my estimations, Roman has managed to rake in more than £1million since leaving the I’m A Celebrity jungle last December after finishing in third place.

Which isn’t bad when you consider how little he has ­actually had to do to earn the money. A quick glance at Roman’s Instagram profile reveals he has signed up to a string of shameless plugs and endorsement deals which are leaving him quids in.

As well as “knowing a thing or two about breakfasts” when backing unsweetened almond milk for Alpro, it turns out that Roman is also a major fan of flogging calorie- light vodka drinks for Smirnoff.

And before we move on from the slightly laboured breakfast link — he hosts the early-morning radio show, we get it — Roman is apparently a huge fan of Kellogg’s cereals.

You can tell that from the shots of him chomping on a bowl of its new Granola Fusion range in the back of a cab on the way to Capital’s studio in London . . . 

And in the past two days alone, Roman has been ­flogging ice tea and telling people to sign up to gaming app Candy Crush.

I mean, it seems the only thing he hasn’t professed to chowing down on so far is a tin of Pedigree Chum — but if bosses there are watching, I’m sure he’d be up for it if the price is right.

Volkswagen, Topman and Cadbury have also boosted Roman’s bank balance. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t a bad lad — I’ve met him out and about occasionally and he was more than friendly.

He came across like a decent guy in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, and he comes from some seriously cool stock.

But considering he has previously said he finds his pop star dad embarrassing, I think he needs to have a little look in the mirror and take a leaf out of ­Martin’s book by keeping it understated.

Less is more, Roman . . . it’s True.

Matt all done at LasVeGoss

AFTER spending over a decade in the States, Matt Goss is looking to make the move back to Blighty.

The Bros legend is eyeing up a number of properties in the UK and is planning on ­leaving Las Vegas for good after spending 11 years living it up in Sin City.

A source said: “Matt is massively popular in the US and loves his life in Las Vegas but now he feels it’s time to come home. There is so much he still wants to do with his music and he has plenty of new material he wants to work on.

“Matt has spent more than a decade abroad but the pull for home has started to get stronger over the past 12 months and, realistically, he knows coming back here to work on his music and kick-start his career is the best idea.

“He has been looking at properties in the UK and is putting his Sin City pad up for sale.

"Matt’s friends and family, including his brother Luke, are all really supportive of the move. There is even early talk about the possibility of a new TV series following his life back in the UK and his return to music.

“It’s early days but his team are getting a lot of offers and Matt knows this could be huge for his continued career.”

I know plenty of people who will be welcoming him back with open arms. And if that TV show is as good as the lads’ 2019 documentary – I’ll be one of them.

Jarvis is living life on the veg

IF you feared there were no real rock stars left then Jarvis Cocker will do nothing to alleviate your fears. Rather than strumming guitars these days, the Pulp frontman says he is green-fingered.

Jarvis revealed: “I’ve got into gardening. I’ve got a ­vegetable patch now.
“What am I growing? Oh, what am I not growing. I’ve got ­potatoes, sprouts, broccoli, leeks, carrots, beetroot, courgettes, tomatoes.”

He told the Slacker podcast: “It’s amazing that you put a seed in the ground and then like three weeks later something is growing out of it, it is mind-blowing.

“I mean, when I was a kid my grandfather grew stuff like that. He had a rhubarb patch and I used to help him when I was a real tiny kid.

“But as soon as I got older I thought it was the squarest thing ever but nowadays, in a matter of life or death survival, I’m all over it again.”

If I ever see Noel Gallagher pulling weeds I’ll know true rock stars are a thing of the past.


KATE Bush has been honoured for her songwriting with a fellowship of Britain’s Ivors Academy, joining Elton John and Paul McCartney. She said: “It means so very much to me.”

Is Ava nude in at No1?

AVA MAX has unveiled her secret weapon in the fight for this week’s No1 album spot – an arty photoshoot including this pose in a nude bodysuit.

The US singer’s debut record Heaven & Hell is currently charging ahead of her closest rivals and is a shoo-in to take the top spot.

Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, has climbed four places this week but is still behind Ava and her closest rival Nick Mason and his record, Saucerful Of Secrets – Live At The Roundhouse.

Now 849 copies separate the trio but I think Ava’s album will clinch it.

Talking exclusively to me about the disc last week, she said that as she wrote the tracks, she was spurred on to success by thinking of a girl gang who bullied her at school.

If anyone deserves  this, it’s Ava.

Kim's kit's a maze-in

SOMETIMES keeping up with Kim Kardashian is like trying to navigate her current dress pattern – a fathomless maze.

The reality TV star posed in an eye-jarring co-ordinated black and white Balmain outfit, complete with a ­matching handbag.

She even had gloves from the luxury French brand to finish off the look.
Kim dubbed herself a “Balmain Barbie” in an Instagram post.

Having gone through marriage issues with husband Kanye West and announcing the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I’m sure she is relieved that her latest gig just involved wearing some clothes.


NAOMI Campbell has promised a big change at next year’s Oscars ceremony. She told her No Filter YouTube series: “The next Oscars and award season is going to be totally educational and I’m sorry but it’s going to be black.”

Ice way to end £600m

I ALWAYS thought of Ed Sheeran as a low-key kind of guy but the way he finishes off a tour would definitely be classed as extravagant.

His mate James Bay told the Table Manners podcast: “I toured with Ed last year and he ended the tour in Iceland with an ice sculpture of himself.

“The first thing we saw was this ice sculpture of Ed, with the crew drinking vodka off it.

“You had to pour from his head. There was great irony.”

The gig was part of Ed’s Divide tour which was the highest grossing of all time, raking in £600million – so maybe an ice sculpture of yourself isn’t too excessive after all.


TAMARA Ecclestone has given birth to her second child, a girl called Serena. The daughter of ex-F1 boss Bernie went into labour near Bern in Switzerland about a week ago. Bernie said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be a grandfather again.”


FERNE McCann was in the pink as she marked the big 3-0 at a country house with her pals

VAN MORRISON is donating profits from three anti-lockdown tracks to musicians who have lost money due to coronavirus. Proceeds from downloads of Born To Be Free, As I Walked Out and No More Lockdown will now be distributed by the Van Morrison Rhythm And Blues Foundation.

AFTER his debut album Dissimulation was named best-selling debut of the year so far, YouTube star and rapper KSI has announced a 2021 UK tour, kicking off in Birmingham on May 13. He said: “The shows are gonna be insane, from the production to the special guests plus all the new music I’ll be dropping.”

GWYNETH PALTROW says she gets on better with ex CHRIS MARTIN now than during their marriage. She said of their kids: “My relationship with Chris now is better than our marriage was. We also have good days and bad days but it’s driving towards the same purpose of unity and love and what’s best for them.”

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