Robbie Williams reveals he’s ‘spent a fortune’ trying to recreate teen holidays where he ‘slept with holiday camp staff

SINGER Robbie Williams has revealed his former bed-hopping antics began when he started “sleeping with Blue Coats” as a teenager on family holidays.

The ex-Take That star, 47, admitted his lavish vacations with wife Ayda Field, 41, could not compare to the hi-de-highs of his sex-fuelled trips to British holiday camps.

He said: “I have spent a fortune… none have come close to the joy and excitement and happiness I had on those holidays.

“When you’re talking about holiday romances, I remember metaphorically working through the gears.

“At 13, I had the kiss, 14, it progressed to somewhere else: bra. At 15, a little bit further, then 16, I was sleeping with the Blue Coats.

“You know when you got certificates for swimming when you was a kid? I could have got certificates for sexual endeavours.

“I hate to be crass, but that was what my youth was like.

"It progressed from year to year and yes there were many holiday romances and it was very, very exciting.”

Recently, Robbie’s hols with his own family have been marked by pain.

Recalling a skiing trip with Ayda and his daughter Teddy, eight, Robbie told Alan Carr's Life's A Beach podcast: “My beautiful daughter wanted me to go sledging. I came off, I got concussion and I bruised two ribs. I’m never going again.”

Despite his skiing mishap, The Sun revealed in January that Robbie has moved Ayda, Teddy and the couple’s other children Charlie, six, Coco, two, and one-year-old Beau to a £24million alpine villa after relocating to Switzerland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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