Rick And Morty Writers Discuss The Latest Brain-Breaking Episode

The latest Rick And Morty episode, Never Ricking Morty, premiered to a great reception from fans and critics alike, with meta jokes getting turned up to ten. As it turns out, the episode wasn’t originally conceived to be so meta–rather that was a side effect of trying to come up with an anthology episode that didn’t suck. Minor spoilers ahead for Never Ricking Morty.

Dan Harmon explains that the episode came about through aiming to solve one of the biggest problems with anthology episodes. “Who wants to watch stories when you know that they don’t matter?” Harmon asks.

The structure of the episode came from adding real stakes to the story while still keeping the format of an anthology episode. “We started having ‘fun’, in quotes, with meta-structural stuff,” Harmon explains, while writer Jeff Loveness just says that “the train broke me.”

The Inside the Episode video explains a little about the conception of the episode, but don’t expect it to help you understand the actual contents. In fact Harmon and Loveness spend a good portion of the video discussing a particularly gross yet evocative phrase that comes up multiple times in Never Ricking Morty. We’ll let you experience that one for yourself in the video below.


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