RHOD: D'Andra Simmons Agrees to Leave Cast Trip After Accusing Kary Brittingham of 'Bullying' Her

D'Andra Simmons and Kary Brittingham's friendship seems to be on the rocks.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of Dallas, the cast traveled to Austin to continue Kary's birthday celebrations — but things quickly got heated between Kary and D'Andra during the group's first night.

"I really appreciate all of you being here," Kary told the group earlier in the day. "I'm really enjoying getting to know you, Tiffany. I never want to come off like a bully. I know you said that about me a little bit. I'm so sorry if you think that I've been like that. If I love you and want you to have a good time with me, that's my personality. If you're at all ever offended by me, come talk to me. I will change."

"This is the Kary I love," Stephanie Hollman told cameras. "Kary is quick to own up to her mistakes whenever she makes them."

But D'Andra — who had been butting heads with Kary throughout the season — didn't think she was being sincere.

In a private conversation with Tiffany Moon, D'Andra admitted she was a "little upset" after hearing Kary's toast.

"Kary had this very flowery speech about, 'I just want everyone to have a good time. It's all love and flowers and unicorns coming out of my ass, but yet I was really mean to my really good friend,'" D'Andra said, referencing herself.

Meanwhile, Kary and Kameron Westcott stood outside of D'Andra and Tiffany's room — and overheard the entire conversation.

"Just try, D'Andra," Tiffany told D'Andra. "Maybe [Kary's] turning over a new leaf. I think that speech came from her heart and she really just wants us to have a good time."

"I'm trying to be a more sensitive, a more loving, compassionate person, but at the same time, there's boundaries," D'Andra responded. "If you try to poke and prod, that's something I'm not okay with. I'm going to bite. It didn't resonate with me."

In a confessional, Kary claimed that "D'andra talks a lot of s— and I normally don't take it that personal."

"But hearing D'Andra call me a bully and say all those things behind my back is really hurtful," Kary added. "This is something you don't do to a friend."

Later that evening, Kary made yet another toast during dinner while tensions were still high.

"I feel like I have to do this toast because it's really important to me," Kary began. "Honestly I only want to be surrounded by love, true friends, people that want to be here. If you don't like me or you don't want to be here, don't be here. D'Andra, if you're upset with me and if you don't want to be here, don't come."

D'Andra replied: "I was invited here, so if you don't want me here, I'm happy to go home."

"I'm always a thousand percent honest with you," said Kary. "I don't talk behind people's backs."

D'Andra then alleged that Kary had been a bully towards her. "You are sometimes very bullying to me," she said.

"I bully you?" Kary asked. "Let me ask everyone at this table: 'Have you ever seen me bully D'Andra?' I have never bullied you."

"I'm calling you now a bully because you're so nit-picking all the f—ing time," an emotional D'Andra said. "Sit the f— down and take a f—ing breath."

Kary fired back, "Me and Kameron sat outside your room while you said all this s— about me. Friendship is about communicating and growing and figuring it out."

Continuing the back-and-forth, D'Andra responded, "you're so full of s—. I can't even listen to it. You sat there and gave a flowery s— but you haven't made an effort to talk to me."

"I don't want you to be here if you're going to be a mean girl," Kary finally told D'Andra.

D'Andra agreed and told the ladies she was leaving.

Called Her Selfish

While Tiffany and Stephanie tried to encourage D'Andra to stay, D'Andra said she went on the trip so she could "extend an olive branch" but felt as if it wasn't going to happen.

After Tiffany and Stephanie returned to the table, Tiffany asked Kary if she could go speak to D'Andra.

"I'm not going to be the fake person because I'm not fake," Kary said. "We're not on D'Andra's time. If she wants to stay and talk to me she better f—ing beg."

The episode concluded with a "To Be Continued" caption.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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