RHOC’s Meghan King Edmonds reveals she suffered ‘severe’ herniated disc from ‘pain’ of estranged husband Jim’s cheating – The Sun

REAL Housewives Of Orange County star Meghan King Edwards has insisted the breakdown of her relationship sparked very real pain in the form of a serious spinal injury.

The reality TV star was left devastated when husband Jim Edmonds filed for divorce last year, off the back of her belief he had an affair with their nanny.

After five years of marriage the pair called time on their relationship, with mum of three Meghan citing the "emotional pain" took its toll physically, too.

On her blog, she told of her cervical spine disc herniation, or an injury caused to the connective tissue to the spine in her neck.

Meghan wrote on her post: "It was a real problem: an MRI showed my disc was so severely herniated it was impinging almost half of my spinal cord. THAT IS CLINICALLY REAL.

"All of this is. I am not denying that."

Yet explaining why she thought it had occurred in the first place, she cited her heartbreak and put: "Your brain has emotional pain, yet you are allowing it sit there and fester in the hidden caverns of your mind.

"It has nowhere to go despite its need to be released: your pain releases in physical ways so we learn to PAY ATTENTION. Yep, that was me with that neck pain.

"I took the drugs and I scheduled surgery.

"Two weeks later I went off all of my prescriptions cold turkey (not even an ibuprofen!) and cancelled surgery."

Meghan said purely by paying attention to her brain, and using a process called emotional release.

She recently confirmed she had met with RHOC producers amid rumours she will return to the hit Bravo series.

Meghan said in an Instagram Stories video: "So last night I was getting drinks with my former executive producer from the Housewives, and I get a text from my girlfriend Shab," in a comment that got fans hugely excited.



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