RHOA’s Nene Leakes appears to SPIT on enemy Kenya Moore in violent rage on Greece trip – The Sun

REAL Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes appeared to spit on enemy Kenya Moore in a violent rage during the housewives' Greece trip.

This is the second time this season where the two housewives almost got into a physical altercation – the first time being during their trip to Toronto.

Fans of the show will know that Nene has expressed multiple times she wished she had spit on Kenya during their trip to Greece and they'll finally get to see the fight go down during next week's episode.

Tensions were definitely high during last Sunday's episode when Kenya refused to sit down with Nene after the OG housewife offered her some advice on her impending divorce.

And it seems like Nene will reach her boiling point once more after Kenya called her a "low-life" and told her to go ahead and "go back to jail".

According to court documents obtained by Star, Nene was arrested and charged in 1992 with three felony and one misdemeanor counts of theft of services from a phone company.

Just like she had predicted before the trip, Nene did lose her cool and had to be held back by Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey.

In the preview for next week's episode, Nene even yells at her: "I'll spit in your motherf**king face."

Kenya remains calm and looks shocked at Nene who was willing to stoop so low to humiliate Kenya.

On Sunday night, Nene also slammed Kenya and called her a "monster" for snubbing her several times during their Greek trip.

She tweeted: "I don't want to hear NOTHING from NOBODY concerning Ken. She sits, talks and thanks some who has done wayyyy more worst to her than I ever have!

"I don't owe this monster NOTHING! I personally think her friends need to keep it 100 wit her."

She continued her rant in another post and wrote: "The fact that her friends ask others to be sensitive to her situation but she was NEVER sensitive towards porsha & Kordell (remember her saying porsha was his beard)

"Phaedra & Apollo, Paul & Tanya. LETS NOT FORGET"

Nene even told producers during the confessional interview: "I put all of our drama aside and as a married woman and a woman who has been through things in her marriage, I wanted to just really give her real advice.

"F** Kenya. Be clear, f**k Kenya and her bad skin. Ok?"

Fans will see what really happens during next week's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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