Piers Morgan lashes out at Susanna in furious Tory statement row on GMB ‘Don’t read it!’

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Good Morning Britain were discussing Helen Whately’s letter to student nurses today. Presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were joined by Jessica Collins contacted the Conservative Government via her local MP Tom Pursglove for help in regards to the possibility of backdating the new £5000 grant for student nurses, many of whom have cut short training to help health services during the coronavirus crisis. In the interest of balance, Reid went to read the statement supplied to GMB from a government spokesman, but her co-host Morgan shut her down and viewers were unable to hear the comment clearly. 


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Those watching at home were left divided – some agreed with Morgan’s argument, while others wanted to hear the statement. 

“I agree with @piersmorgan, Good Morning Britain should refuse to read out government statements if they are too lazy or arrogant to go on the morning show. Newsnight and Channel 4 News should do the same #GMB,” one tweet read. 

Another said: “Good on you @piersmorgan if the government boycott #gmb then why should you have to voice their disclaimers! Let them come on and explain themselves!” 

“100% agree with @piersmorgan if there gonna boycott your show dont give there statements any airtime #gmb @GMB,” a third wrote. 

However one argued: “@susannareid100 is the consummate professional #GMB #goodmorningbritain.” 

“Whilst @piersmorgan might have a point, that was professionally handled @susannareid100… The look you gave at the end was priceless…,” a viewer tweeted. 

Someone else commented: “Piers your a disgrace people may of wanted to hear what they had to say, too talk over Susannah its pathetic #GMB.” 

While one simply asked: “@gmb for f**** sake someone READ IT..#gmb.”

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