Piers Morgan fuels row with Nigel Farage after shouting ‘grow up’ at him on GMB

PIERS Morgan added fuel to his row with Nigel Farage over the coronavirus pandemic.

The Good Morning Britain host went head to head with the Brexit Party leader this morning over Trump's controversial Covid cure theories as counting continued in the knife-edge US election.

Piers told the politician to "grow up" after Nigel accused him of speaking "utter rubbish".

The heated argument created headlines, but Piers has taken it one step further, by tweeting out a picture of US President Donald Trump at a press briefing.

In the photo the president is looking at a sign recommending the best ways for people prevent the spread of Covid-19.

He captioned the photo: "Hi @Nigel_Farage, for your files. #Bleach."

Piers' followers were divided on which man was right after Nigel denied the president suggested people inject bleach to treat coronavirus.

One Twitter user wrote: "I saw the interview. Farage was being petty & evasive but correct by being adamant that Trump had not uttered the word "bleach". He hadn't."

But another defended Piers: "That's not the point he's making. The point is that Nigel Farage disputed that disinfectant wasn't the same thing as Bleach on this morning's show. This picture illustrates that The White House itself conflates the two things, thus rendering NF's point rather moot."

During today's America Decides coverage on ITV, Piers told Mr Farage: "I'm sorry but his handling of this pandemic has been an utter disaster.

"I said this to him the other day and it's one of the reasons we had a little falling out.

"His whole strategy of taking this so lightly, not dealing with it properly, has led to America having 220,000 deaths – the worst record by far of anywhere in the world.

"His nonsensical cure theories like bleach and so on… All of that to me was woefully irresonsible."

Mr Farage, who this week announced he is relaunching his Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK, started yelling: "No, no, no. End this nonsense.

"He never mentioned bleach. Do not allow your viewers to believe that.

"Are you seriously telling me he said bleach? Piers you are talking – I won't use the word – you're talking utter rubbish."

As Piers continued to push Mr Farage on what Trump said, the ex-UKIP leader shouted: "Grow up, stop being fake news. He never said bleach. Utter, utter rubbish.

"You are sinking to the gutter by talking about bleach, you know you are. It's just rubbish."

Baffled Piers replied: "Disinfectant is bleach, you know that don't you?"

The host then demanded the clip of what Trump said be played again on the show.

Trump was heard telling the Department of Homeland Security official William Bryan: "And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and – is there a way we can do something like that?

"By injection inside or almost a cleaning. As you can see, it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs."

Again, Piers asked: "Do you know what bleach is, Nigel?"

The politician then said Good Morning Britain was losing viewers, with Piers insisting: "We've got record viewing figures."

Furious Farage hit back claiming: "This is the lowest grade interview I've ever taken part in in 20 years.

"We are talking about major global issues and all you can do is trivialise it, it's a pretty poor show."

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