Piers Morgan brands Victoria Beckham 'total disgrace' for furloughing staff

Piers Morgan has waged war on David and Victoria Beckham for furloughing staff from their ‘loss making vanity fashion project’ despite being millionaires. 

On today’s Good Morning Britain, Piers spoke out against the pair, who have left him livid on the news that the VB fashion brand has decided to furlough their staff, using the government scheme for the coronavirus crisis to pay staff using taxpayer money. 

Branding them ‘completely tone deaf’ for then appearing on the One World concert to champion the NHS, Piers spoke out against them, getting into an argument with Susanna Reid in the process. 

‘Sorry, this furlough scheme was not for primadonna multi-millionaires like you two,’ Piers ranted. ‘Running a famed vanity business that makes no money.’

Susanna spoke in their defence though, adding that the furlough scheme does not specify that it’s for essential or small businesses. 

She later added that Victoria was paying the difference in the staff’s wages, as the furlough scheme covers 80% of someone’s earnings. 

‘I feel comfortable about the fact that the furlough scheme is about saving jobs,’ Susanna told him.

‘They don’t need protecting – the Beckhams can pay their own staff!,’ Piers shot back. 

‘If you’re going to go on national TV and say the NHS really means something to you, then why don’t you dip in your own pockets, rather than the taxpayer pockets? As the taxpayer’s pockets, should be going to the NHS.’ 

Susanna added that Victoria had at least declared she had forgone her own salary, and donating 20% of online sales to food banks, but admitted she felt ‘morally’ they should be stumping up the cash. 

Piers wasn’t over though, and said: ‘But her business makes no money! You the taxpayer are going to be funding a loss-making vanity project.’ 

‘They’ve got gazillions. They keep boasting to us how rich they are, how successful they are,’ he said. 

‘Let’s see it then! Look after your own staff.’

Metro.co.uk has contacted Victoria’s reps for a response.

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