Phillip Schofield stuns Holly Willoughby as he swears live on This Morning ‘bag of s***!’

Today’s This Morning continued as usual with presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield playing Spin to Win. One lucky caller managed to take home £1,000 but it was when the surprise gift bag was brought into the studio that things got a little out of control.

As the bag was lowered down into the studio, Phillip exclaimed the caller could win a “bag of s**t”.

He exclaimed: “We’ve got a bag full of stuff. We call it the bag for of shi… all up here.”

Holly immediately gasped as she believed he had swore live on air.

As his co-host covered her mouth in shock, Phillip continued: “It’s all up here, it’s all up here.”


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“That was a little bit close,” Holly scolded the presenter.

But Phillip giggled: “It was close but I didn’t.”

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to comment on the moment with many in hysterics at the presenter.

One fan shared a clip of the moment, writing: “Did I just here the @Schofe say something rude on @thismorning ???”

Another added: “Bag of what Phil? #ThisMorning are sailing close to the wind, and I like it.”

“Thank you for making my day @Schofe – you the best. Rolling on the floor laughing #thismorning,” a third tweeted.

Someone else continued: “Did Phil just say “bag of s**t? #ThisMorning.”

A fifth added: “@Schofe Wash your mouth out with soap and water! #ThisMorning.”

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It came after Phillip said This Morning was “holding on by the skin of our teeth” as other TV shows were being postponed or cancelled.

It was announced EastEnders would drop from four episodes a week to two as filming has been halted due to coronavirus.

The government advice is not that finger wagging yet,” Phillip said. “Do we need to be told what we can and can’t do?”

“I like to be told, I am happy to put my life in the governments hand,” Anneka remarked.


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We don’t want to get our news from Bob on Twitter or Phil on Instagram. We have to know just take our advice from a trusted team and they have to be very clear.”

“Get their news from a very trusted source,” Matthew added before discussing why it was important This Morning remains on air.”

“We’re all holding on by the skin of our teeth!” Phillip commented in reference to the production team in the studio.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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