Peter Defended Madison But Wishes She Told Him About Waiting to Have Sex Before Fantasy Suites

Finally! Peter Weber just revealed what he actually thought about Madison Prewett’s so-called ultimatum and how she told him she was waiting until marriage to have sex right before fantasy suites.

After days and days of reading everyone and their mother and their dad Chad’s opinions about how Madison told Peter, he opened up to People magazine about how he really felt in the moment.

First off, he def wishes Madison told him about her decision before fantasy suites rolled around. He said, “I would’ve loved to have had that conversation a little bit sooner, not leading into the week of fantasy suites.” He continued, “But I also don’t fault her at all for what she told me, because I was very clear with all the women from the very first night to please share what’s ever on your heart.”

As for whether or not he thinks she put him in an unfair position or gave him a have-sex-or-me ultimatum, that’s a no from him. He added:

Well, that is great news for all the Madison fans out there. It seems like Peter isn’t really upset with her and that he understands where she’s coming from. That can only mean good things, right!?

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