Oscar-nominated actor Stuart Whitman ‘dead at 92 after skin cancer battle’ – The Sun

HOLLYWOOD star Stuart Whitman has died aged 92 following a battle with skin cancer.

The actor was a household name in the 60s and 70s thanks to credits that included The Mark (1961), for which he was nominated for best actor at the Academy Awards, and the Western The Comancheros (1961).

In the Comancheros, he played gambler Paul Regret who is hunted down by Texas Ranger Captain Jake Cutter, played by John Wayne.

He also starred in aviation comedy Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965), and cult horror Night of the Lepus (1972).

On television, the actor, who was born in San Francisco but raised in New York, stood out in the Highway Patrol (1955–1957), Cimarron Strip (1967), and Superboy (1988–1992).

Whitman spent his teenage years in Los Angeles before joining the army.

He was honorably discharged from the Corps of Engineers in 1948.

Afterwards, he studied acting and appeared in plays before finding fame in The Mark and then The Comancheros.

He then became a familiar face in Westerns.

He won small roles in the films Rudolph Maté's When Worlds Collide and Robert Wise's The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Whitman, an amateur boxer, was married three times.

He had been married to his third wife Julia Vadimovna Paradiz since 1993.

Whitman had four children with his first wife, and one child with his second.

TMZ reports he had been in and out of hospital due to skin cancer that seeped into his blood stream.

Whitman passed away surrounded by his loved ones at his home in Montecito, California.

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