Normal People's Paul Mescal breaks down in tears as he thanks his mum and dad after winning Bafta for steamy sex scenes

NORMAL People's Paul Mescal broke down in tears as he thanked his mum and dad after winning a Bafta.

The Connell actor, 25, beat out the likes of Small Axe's John Boyega and The Crown's Josh O'Connor to secure the gong for Leading Actor.

Paul was completely shocked to receive the Bafta as he thanked his agent and Daisy Edgar-Jones, who plays his love interest Marianne.

Speaking as he broke down in tears, Paul said: "Okay I was fully not expecting to be here so I have no clue what to say.

"I want to thank everyone at the BBC, everyone at Element, I want to thank [director] Lenny [Abrahamson], Eddie. Lenny thank you for trusting me with this. Lara Beach, you're the best agent out there.

"I want to thank the cast. I want to dedicate this to Daisy, who was the best scene partner and one of the best people I know.

"And I'm probably forgetting people and I'm incredibly nervous so, my mum and dad at home I love you. So thank you. I don't know what else to say."

Speaking about the win backstage, he added: "It's a role that totally changed my life and has given me an opportunity to continue doing the job that I love.

"I think it struck a chord because it's seeing two people that people feel like they can relate to and seeing how they navigate life."

Talking about finding fame overnight with Normal People, he continued: "I suppose I've no idea what the opposite of that would look like.

"I feel like it's probably been, like, I have no complaints with it as I got to go to work after the kind of craziness of the last summer, and it's been like a weird year.

"And it kind of feels full circle having presented here last year, to be in a room with people. Not just people, like literally people at the forefront of television at the moment and it was really quite special and quite emotional.

"When they show that clip at the start of the Baftas of what we've seen this year, and it really makes me feel quite proud of what collectively as artists, we're putting into the world at the moment."

He also said he's going to celebrate the win by going out for dinner and "drinking too much alcohol".

Normal People was one of the many shows with Bafta nods that heavily featured raunchy scenes, including teen comedy Sex Education.

Paul became an overnight hit after starring in the show, with viewers getting hot under the collar for Connell.

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