Netflix Love Is Blind viewers baffled by Giannina wedding dress continuity error

On Thursday, Netflix released the highly anticipated finale of their latest smash hit, dating show Love Is Blind, featuring the weddings of the five couples.

The Love Is Blind finale kicked off with the continuation of Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers' vows, after viewers saw her agree to marry him in the previous episode's cliffhanger.

The two argued relentlessly throughout their whirlwind engagement, with Gigi being responsible for one of the series' most gobsmacking moments, when she slammed his skills in the bedroom.

So it was really no surprise when Damian said he couldn't marry the 25-year-old – and the following breakdown and freak-out was completely expected, given what viewers had previously seen of Gigi.

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But eagle-eyed viewers noticed not everything may be as it seems after their wedding didn't happen, after they spotted an apparent continuity error with Gigi's white gown.

After being snubbed at the altar, Giannina ran out of the venue towards the main road and viewers saw her slip down a grassy bank.

After she stood up, Gigi's behind was covered in mud, though she seemed unbothered because of her bubbling rage at Damian.

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However the next scene saw she and Damian, 27, come together to talk, with Gigi slamming a chair down and demanding answers, with a seemingly pristine dress.

It didn't take fans long to notice the apparent quick-clean, taking to Twitter to look for answers of their own.

One viewer said: "But how did they get the stain out of Giannina's dress after she fell?"

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A second commented: "Can someone explain why Giannina's dress was covered in mud after she fell but then it was sparkly clean again when she was talking to Damian?"

Someone else tweeted: "Okay so Giannina fell and ruined her dress but next scene she comes back to talk to Damian and it looks brand new?"

And a fourth noted: "Anyone else notice Giannina's stain on her dress wasn't there in the scene following her walk out?"

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Does this mean Love Is Blind may not be as real as we first thought?

Either way, viewers' attention was quickly snatched by the remaining our weddings and news of next week's reunion special.

The show was filmed in late 2018, so the reunion special will see what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix

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