Netflix fans shocked as racy new show Bridgerton has two steamy sex scenes in the first 15 minutes

NETFLIX's new drama Bridgerton shocked fans with two steamy romps in just fifteen minutes.

The new show, which started streaming on Christmas Day, sees Viscount Anthony Bridgerton strip off to romp with singer Siena twice – once against a tree, and once backstage at the opera.

And fans watching at home loved it – calling it "what we needed after a long 2020".

One viewer tweeted "I read the books but I don't remember this much sex", with another adding they "weren't expecting that much sex" from the period drama.

Bridgerton is based on Julia Quinn's bestselling books of the same name, and follows the Bridgerton family in regency London as they're targeted by an anonymous society writer called Lady Whistledown.

The sisters are desperate to marry a 'good husband' but are watched and reported on by the mysterious writer and her 'scandal sheet'.

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