Netflix After Life fans convinced Ricky Gervais launched a ‘savage’ takedown of James Corden with ‘James’ character – The Sun

AFTER Life viewers are convinced Ricky Gervais has based the all-singing, all-dancing character James on talk show host James Corden.

Fans were thrilled after season two of the comedy drama dropped on Netflix this weekend.

In the series, James is portrayed as a limelight-loving mummy's boy who soils himself during his gala performance.

And fans couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance to The Late, Late Show presenter.

One said: "James from After Life is acc James Corden 2.0."

A second agreed: "The work experience kid in After Life 2 is definitely a p**s take of James Corden."

Another commented: "Is James from After Life solely based on James Corden?"

A fourth viewer added: "@rickygervais just finished Afterlife season 2 you are a f***in genius…. one question tho was the lad James character based on James Corden? Tell me it's true."

While others thought the character was actually the real James, saying: "Just finished binge watching S2 of After Life. Another total gem of a show #bafta. How did Ricky Gervais get James Corden to play the odd lad who does the dance to 'send in the clowns' and sh*ts himself on stage. I didn't think Ricky liked Corden, I'm with him on that one."

Another fan said: "Finished After Life, absolutely brilliant. Raw, funny and sad in equal measure. James Corden was hysterical in it."

It certainly wouldn't be the first time Ricky has taken a high profile swipe at James after previously making fun of his fellow comic when he hosted this year's the Golden Globes.

"The world got to see James Corden as a fat p****. He was also in the movie Cats, but no one saw that,” he joked.

In the past The Office star has also slammed Corden’s attempt at emulating his hosting style at awards and made thinly veiled digs at his career choices, suggesting he's sold out by hosting a chat show.

James appeared to have sparked the sparring by imitating Ricky in his sketch show, Horne and Corden.

A Hollywood source told The Sun Online: “Their spat began years ago, and started off as harmless banter.

"They were often pitted against each other, two up and coming British stars who were trying to make it in America.

“James started out mocking Ricky, his character David Brent and his movie career in sketches with Matt Horne, and Ricky retaliated, but the clash has now taken on a life of its own.”

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