‘NCIS’: The ‘NCIS’ Cast Shares Their Guest Star Wish List

NCIShas featured many interesting guest stars throughout the years. Here’s what theNCIS cast members said when asked who is on their guest-star wish list.

Michael Weatherly

MichaelWeatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on the hit show, once said he would loveto have Tom Hanks on NCIS. “I think it’s doable,” said Weatherly in aninterview with CBS about NCIS Season 10. “Tom Hanks should come. He couldbring Rita, and they could bring the kids.”

Brian Dietzen

This next pick might surprise you. BrianDietzen told CBS he really wants to see Alec Baldwin appear on NCIS.“A character that Alec Baldwin played in The Departed, I want thatcharacter here,” said Dietzen. “I want Alec Baldwin here.” Dietzen says hewould love to have Baldwin in an interrogation scene.

Rocky Carroll

RockyCarroll (Director Leon Vance) said his wish list would include JackNicholson. Carroll said Mark Harmon mentioned Nicholson is a big fan of NCIS.“Because [Mark Harmon] said [Jack Nicholson] was a fan of the show, and he wasgoing on and on about it,” Carroll told CBS.

David McCallum

David McCallum’s guest-star pick is Penelope Cruz. “I think Penelope Cruz,” said McCallum in his CBS interview. “She’s kind of cool. She’d make a great agent.” Apparently, McCallum has a little crush on the actress. The other cast members poked fun at him when it was his turn.

Pauley Perrette

Another pick that might surprise you is Pauley Perrette’s choice. She says Drew Carey is an actor who would be a good guest star.

“I’ve been saying this for years,” said Perrette in the CBS round table interview. “Drew Carey is a real Marine. He really did this. We are playing out parts of his life. He’s an outstanding guy, he’s a funny guy. But he’s also a fantastic actor. And we always love having real military people involved here. And he has such respect for the military and veterans, and he does so much work for that. And he’s a fantastic actor. I could just see him on our show.”

Sean Murray

David McCallum isn’t the only cast member with a celebrity crush.Sean Murray revealed he would like to see actress Kate Winslet on NCIS becausehe has “a thing” for her. “For me it would be Kate Winslet,” Murray told CBS. “Justbecause I have a thing for Kate Winslet. I’m not sure exactly what she wouldplay.”

Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon didn’t reveal is top choice for a guest star. Instead, he reflected on how lucky the cast has been to have already worked with such talented actors. “I think we’ve all been so lucky to have the group of talent we have come here each week, whether they’re well-known or whether they’re just good actors,” said Harmon. “We’re gifted here with the kind of people we’ve had not only this year but in the years past.”

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