NCIS LA season 12 blunder: Key Hetty Lange moment proves Deeks should already be an agent

NCIS: Los Angeles teaser sees Deeks worry about new home

Liaison Officer Marty Deeks has been a long-running member of the NCIS LA team, despite never being promoted to an agent. In the wake of his unemployment troubles at the start of the CBS series’ 12th season, fans have uncovered a key scene from an earlier instalment which rendered his temporary job loss completely unnecessary. 

Fans have realised Marty Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) could have been made an agent several years ago, despite his recent employment struggles.

At the start of season 12, Los Angeles Police Department cut several jobs in a massive overhaul, leaving Deeks temporarily jobless.

Thankfully, he had the help of his wife, Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), to help get him back on his feet.

Before his position was terminated, Deeks worked as a Liaison Officer between the LAPD and NCIS with the Office of Special Projects, run by Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt).

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However, although he was never officially made an NCIS agent, he was treated as part of the team in spirit and has assisted the agents on a number of cases over the years.

Unfortunately, Deeks’ unemployment storyline, which kicked off season 12 when it returned in November, has left a number of fans frustrated.

To explain why, viewers took a look back at the second season of the NCIS spin-off, which featured a pivotal moment between Hetty and Deeks.

One perceptive fan explained: “At the end of season two when Hetty was getting her things in order before she went to Prague, she gave Deeks a signed and dated letter making him an agent.

“She told him to keep it in case he ever changed his mind about changing from LAPD to NCIS. Hope he’ll remember the letter.”

Sadly, it appears either the writers of the series or Deeks himself forgot about Hetty’s guarantee to make him an agent if he ever decided to switch positions.

This fan raised the point after the NCIS double bill at the start of December, raising hopes that the series would call back to this defining moment in the second season.

Last week’s Christmas special may have solved Deeks’ unemployment issues, but, sadly, not in the way some viewers were expecting.

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Another fan complained: “I am so over this Deeks not working with the team c—. 

“Did the writers forget the form Hetty gave Deeks to make him an NCIS agent several seasons ago?”

In episode six, If the Fates Allow, Deeks and Kensi crunch the numbers and realise they won’t be able to afford their chosen home.

Thankfully, Hetty beamed in via video chat with a Christmas miracle, announcing that Deeks had been accepted to train as an agent with the NCIS.

It’s speculated series regular Linda Hunt is staying away from the set due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, explaining why the Operations Manager seems to be working on a covert mission from an unknown location.

As well as flushing Deeks’ money troubles away with one fell swoop, Hetty seemed to have forgotten she made the Officer an honorary agent some ten years ago.

Sure, it may have been over a decade, but that’s no excuse for the series to forget one of Deeks and Hetty’s most important conversations in NCIS history.

NCIS season 12 continues Sunday, January 3 on CBS.

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