'Mrs. Maisel' Returns: Susie Rebuilds Her Business in New Teaser

It’s been two years since we last saw Midge get the opportunity of a lifetime before potentially blowing it onstage at the Apollo.

Now, fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — who last saw the show in a pre-pandemic world that feels like 30 years ago will finally get a resolution to Midge’s gaffe when the show returns in February. In a new teaser for the show, though, we’re left to wait a little bit longer and focus on Susie Meyerson’s attempt to rebuild and expand her talent business.

A quick recap to refresh memories: Midge reunited with Shy Baldwin, the smooth crooner who invited her to open for him at the Apollo Theatre. To calm her nerves, Shy’s manager suggests she tells the crowd about their life on the road — and she commits the unforgivable sin of mentioning Shy’s homosexuality to the crowd. Cut to an excited Midge and Susie ready to board Shy’s plane to begin the tour, only to be told that she’s been dropped.

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In the show’s first clip released earlier this week, the duo asserts that “the past is behind us. Shy who?” as Midge aims for headliner status. The new clip focuses solely on Susie, as her goon BFFs show her around her new office.

“We used it as a kinda house where one could, uh, feel safe in,” one of the goons says.

“So…it was a safe house?” she replies.

From there, bloodstains and other decrepit conditions take a backseat to interviewing new employees and finding the “& associates” part of “Susie Meyerson & associates.”

The Prime Video series returns on Feb. 18 with a new release strategy, opting for two-episode increments every week rather than the all-at-once binge of previous seasons. Season Four will feature guest appearances from Kelly Bishop, Milo Ventimiglia, John Waters, and Jason Alexander. The series is written and directed by creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino.

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