Maura Higgins strips naked for 'sexy' bath pic – but boyfriend Chris Taylor is left disappointed

LOVE Island’s Chris Taylor thought he was in for a night to remember when he received a saucy invite from girlfriend Maura Higgins asking him to join her in the bath.

Maura seductively messaged him: “Your girlfriend is looking very sexy in the bath if you wanna join her…”

But when Chris took the bait and went through to join the Love Island beauty in the tub, all was not what it seemed.

Instead of Maura in her birthday suit reclining suggestively among the bubbles smiling up at him, he was greeted by Maura with hair up in a granny style bath hat, wearing a sheet mask on her face and exfoliating gloves on her hands.

Hardly the sexy picture Chris had imagined.

The 30-year-old reality star snapped Maura’s ridiculous bath time look and teased her by sharing the photo with his followers, titling it, ‘The Outcome.’

Maura, who was known for her hilarious one-liners in the Love Island house clearly has not lost her sense of humour, sharing the prank with her own followers on Instagram with the caption ‘WORSE GIRLFRIEND EVER!!!’ followed by laughing emoticons.

The couple started dating last summer and went public in November after sharing a loved-up photo on Instagram from their trip to Dubai to celebrate Maura’s 30th birthday.

Maura told her Instagram followers around November 25: “He’s mine.”

And Chris echoed her sentiments, posting a snap of the pair on their holiday and telling his fans: “Turns out I fell in love with my best mate.”

The couple became close friends after starring on the 2019 series of the reality romance show. Hanging out more and more during lockdown, fans became aware of the spark between them. 

The pair like to share their relationship with fans and entertain them with hilarious TikTok clips of them poking fun at each other. 

Recent intimate shares include a photo of them smuggled up in bed together with Chris licking Maura’s face and Chris shared screenshots of Maura’s flirty messages to him about his manhood with Love Island fans. 

Maura has revealed she wants to marry Chris and hinted she wants an engagement ring.

“We’re very much in love and we use the L-word a lot. I look into the future and see myself with a family. I don’t want a baby any time soon, but when I’m ready and settled. I want to be married before I have a baby, so Chris better hurry up and give me that engagement ring, because I’m not getting any younger.”

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