‘Married at First Sight’: Viewers Are Absolutely Baffled By Season 10

On every season of Lifetime’s Marriedat First Sight, there are couples who seem perfectly in step right fromthe wedding vows. (This season, that’s undoubtedly JessicaStuder and AustinHurd.) There are often other couples who have tumultuous beginnings but stillappear to have potential as a pair. Other relationships seem doomed to failfrom the beginning.

According to many fans, Married at First Sight Season 10 has a lot of the latter. From Zach Justice’s refusal to move in with Mindy Shiben to Meka Jones’ explosive fight with Michael Watson on their honeymoon and Brandon Reid’s issues with both Lifetime producers and Taylor Dunklin’s Instagram posts, many viewers are wondering why several of this season’s couples were matched at all.

Many fans don’t understand why Zach is allowed not to move in with Mindy

Zachtold Mindy he wasn’t attracted to her almost immediately after they gotmarried. But the couple still dragged things out, even as Zachrefused to move in with his wife after their honeymoon.

Some fans took to Twitter during the latest episode of Marriedat First Sight, wondering if Zach had ever been genuine about wanting to bemarried for the long haul. Others thought Zach shouldn’t be allowed to continueif he wasn’t going to fully participate like everyone else by moving in withhis spouse.

“Why did Zach sign up for this? It’s such a waste,” one Twitter user argued. “Experts, you need to just kick him off the show. Let Mindy have a second chance if she wants.”

Another fan agreed, calling Zach out in a tweet: “I need the experts to pull Zach tf out he is not participating in the program. The move-in is important and he’s not doing his part.”  

Others are confused about Brandon’s reaction to the cameras

Many fanshave also expressed their confusion about Brandon, who has been adamant throughoutthe season that he doesn’t like cameras, social media, intrusiveness, or socializingtoo much. Some Marriedat First Sight viewers wondered whythe beer sales representative would sign up for a reality show in the firstplace when he knew he was going to have to film.

“Brandon doesn’t like cameras in his face -but goes on a reality TV show,” one viewer pointed out. “Brandon doesn’t like social media -but goes on a reality TV show.”

Another viewer agreed, writing on Twitter that Brandon’s anger at producers was misplaced and odd: “Brandon is a whole weirdo. You signed up for a reality TV show fool. How they supposed to film it without cameras??”

Some fans are surprised that so many of the Season 10 couples seem ill-matched

Overall,many Married at First Sight fans have been confused throughout Season10. While past seasons have left viewers on the edge of their seats, wonderingwhich couples will stay together, spoilers have revealed that two couples havealready filed for annulments. And even those who haven’t officially split upyet seem ill-matched, except for Jessicaand Austin, fans say.

One Season 10 viewer wrote in a popular tweet, “Katie is on this show to make her ex jealous in order to get back with him, Zach joined in hopes for the hottest woman in the world, and Brandon somehow had no clue the whole thing would be on camera.”

Another fan summed things up similarly, writing: “Next week’s episode: Taylor still auditioning, Michael still lying, Zach still grimacing and pretending to get closer to Mindy. Throw the whole season away.”

One fanfound all the drama this season frustrating, arguing that it’s more fun whenthe couples seem to be genuinely interested in getting and staying married.Some Season10 cast members, like Taylor and Zach, have been accused of signing up forfame rather than love.

“I’m not enjoying this season of #MarriedAtFirstSight as much b/c the couples are so bad that it’s hard to believe this wasn’t intentionally done,” the Twitter user wrote. “The past seasons had enough highs and lows where you weren’t sure who would last and this one feels like the average cheesy reality show.”

As one fan wrote simply: “I’m convinced there’s a new casting director this season and whoever it is they suck.”

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