Manifest season 4 release: Creator sparks frenzy with cryptic premiere post

Manifest: Netflix shares sneak peek at fourth season

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After NBC cancelled Manifest in May 2021, fans worked tirelessly to make its campaign go viral in its efforts to save the show and thankfully, Netflix swooped in and agreed to stream season four. With fans eagerly awaiting its release, they were sent into a frenzy after the show’s creator posted a cryptic tweet.

Manifest followed the lives of the passengers on board Montego Air flight 828 travelling from Jamaica to New York City.

Once the plane landed, its 191 passengers and crew learned over five and a half years had passed since they originally set off.

The mysterious turn of events was of huge confusion to everyone involved including the National Security Agency.

As well as the families who had lived with their disappearances and assumed their loved ones had passed.

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As the passengers made their transition back into society many realised their lives were no longer the same.

This was a result of supernatural occurrences which took place, including hearing voices and visions of events yet to happen.

Season three came to an end with multiple cliffhangers, including the disappearance and reappearance of Ben Stone’s (Josh Dallas) son Cal Stone (Jack Messina).

After Ben led a research team that recovered the tailfin from Flight 828, Cal touched the tailfin and disappeared.

However, when Ben returned the wreckage to the ocean, Cal suddenly reappeared, but as an adult.

As one of the many mysteries yet to be solved anticipated season four, fans were left disappointed when NBC announced they had cancelled the show.

The shocked viewers worked together on social media to make their campaign #SaveManifest viral until the show was picked up by another streaming service.

As the first two seasons were available on Netflix, fans ensured Manifest spent 94 days on the Top Ten list in the US and 78 days in Canada.

Thankfully for fans, their efforts paid off as Manifest’s return was confirmed with season four being its final instalment.

As they await its premiere, many fans have taken to social media to share their excitement for its comeback.

This included legendary author Stephen King who tweeted: “Netflix’s ‘Coming Soon’ clip for MANIFEST looks really good. Only problem: I can’t clear my calendar yet.”

The show’s creator Jeff Rake quickly responded: “Dear [Stephen King] will try to get you a premiere date asap, sir!”

This interaction sparked a major fan frenzy on social media as many were surprised to learn the famed author was a fan.

While others were excited to see season four’s release could be sooner than anticipated.

@Katy_Side wrote: “That’s so awesome that The King is excited about the final season! You know you’ve made an amazing show when that happens!”

While @Audrey_lind15 pleaded: “When you get it, let us know please and thank you.”

Manifest season 4 will be released on Netflix soon.

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