MAFS Australia’s Cyrell regrets feud with Ines and wishes they’d made up on the show as she thanks UK fans

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Cyrell says she regrets her feud with Ines and wished they had made up on the show.

The bride – known as Cyclone Cyrell because of her explosive rows – had one of the most memorable arguments with Ines Basic on the show.

However, Cyrell and Ines appear to have moved on – as they sent their love to each other on Instagram.

Sharing a pic of the cast together from the reunion episode, Ines sent several love hearts into the comments.

Cyrell replied: "I wish we had made up then already lovely. N we still didn't have a pic together at the reunion"

The reality star captioned the post: "Thank you for the love UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and everyone else…. This was filmed over two years ago now…

"This experience taught me so much, the value of words, the value of actions and the value of finding self love… some people will say this experience has taught them about self growth and have changed them for the better.

"I’m proud to say …. I am who I am and proud to be. I didn’t find love on set. But I have found some friends for life. Ps for those asking … My dress is fine! No red stains here"

During the third commitment ceremony in episode 17, Ines' affair to Sam was exposed in front of the whole group.

When Cyrell saw Ines smirking, she flipped out to defend her friend Elizabeth.

Ines stormed out the room and only came back in to explain herself after Cyrell was asked to leave.

Cyrell's other feud with Martha came to a head last week as Martha poured red wine over her head.

Cyrell chased after Martha with her glass of red and soaked the back of Martha's Prada dress as she was held back by her co-stars.

Their fellow co-stars were stunned in the aftermath of the violent outburst after Martha got jealous of Cyrell talking to her husband Michael.

Martha admitted: "It wasn't a spur of the moment thing. She kept on baiting me.

"If I could go back I would obviously not pour a drink on her head because that's gross. I would actually judge a girl who would do that to another girl.

"But Cyrell is trash beyond anything I know. I scummed down to her level and I'm embarrassed. I need to apologise."

After tension boiled over, the girls met up to try and settle their aggressive argument.

But things took a turn when Cyrell refused to apologise and launched a verbal attack on Martha.

"You're as fake as your nose, lip and boob job," shouted Cyrell.

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