Love Island Faye used sex toy on face as botched Botox gave her drooping brows

Love Island star Faye Winter suffered botched botox, leaving her with drooping eyebrows.

The 26-year-old opened up about the traumatic experience during Love Island's Unseen Bits, which airs every Saturday night.

Fellow islanders were left shocked when she revealed that she needed to use a sex toy to help her temporarily paralysed face.

The blonde bombshell who is an estate agent explained: "I had botox done and my botox had been put in wrong.

"Luckily I've got some movement now and I don't ever want botox again.

"But both my eyebrows dropped, but luckily it's worn off now."

The Love Island beauty explained that the anaesthetist injected the botox into the wrong muscle, 'So I was like, "Oh my god."'

The bombshell was advised to hold an electric toothbrush on the affected area, which would stimulate the muscles and hopefully rectify the botched botox.

Faye didn't have an electric toothbrush at hand, but she had a nifty alternative up her sleeve.

Using a sex toy instead of a tooth brush, Faye even used the vibrator in very public places!

She opened up about how the worst thing was when she had to drive to London not long after she was advised to use vibrations on the affected areas.

In the show on Saturday, she exclaimed: "I was driving up to London with a f**king vibrator on my forehead."

She told her fellow islanders that the vibrations didn't work, before advising them not to get botox.

"Don't get botox, botox is not good for no one."

In a pre-filler Instagram post from 2019, Faye appeared to have thinner lips and softer features.

The blonde beauty has been open and honest about her enhanced appearance since she entered the Love Island villa.

She has even joked about her lack of expression due to botox, and on the show she even said that she looks like a "hard faced cow."

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