Love Is Blind UK release date: Will Netflix hit show be coming to the UK?

Earlier this month, Netflix released season one of Love Is Blind, dropping a bunch of new episodes for the past few weeks. On Thursday, February 27 the finale came out and fans found out who actually went through with the weddings and who decided against tying the knot. Subscribers are keen for there to be another season but until then, there is a reunion show featuring all of the engaged couples to look forward to.

The finale might have just been dropped on the streaming service but fans are already looking forward to a second series.

Netflix has yet to officially confirm another season but the show’s creator Chris Coelen has admitted the show’s future is being discussed.

Speaking to, Coelen said: “We’re certainly talking about [season 2], yeah.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing people put to the test of whether love is blind well into the future.

“That’s what I would certainly hope for.”


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Will Netflix’s Love Is Blind air a UK version?

So far, there has been no news on whether or not Love Is Blind will be making its way over to the UK.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been talking about how much they would like to see the dating show brought over to Britain.

One user said: “I want them to do Love Is Blind UK that would be wild.”

Another said: “Love Is Blind is thoroughly entertaining. wish there was a UK version coz it’d slap better.”

While a third commented: “hi @NetflixUK bring Love Is Blind to the UK as well, we deserve a British version, thank you.”

Despite no news on if Love Is Blind will make its way to the UK, Coelen has said it would be something he would like to do.

When asked the question during the interview with, he said: “Absolutely! 100 percent yet. Let’s make it happen, I’d love it.”

Former contestant Rory Newbrough also spoke on The Love Pod podcast about the show’s future and said how the producers were interested in expanding the show to not only other areas around America but potentially in other countries as well.

So if they do choose to take the show elsewhere, there could be a good chance viewers will see the series brought to the UK.

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The first series of Love Is Blind was set in Atlanta, Georgia, where all of the contestants were from.

This was a purposeful decision made by the show’s creators in order to give all of the singletons the best chance of finding “the one” without issues such as distance.

According to Variety, all of the pods are still currently being held in Atlanta.

The creators of the show have not revealed whether a second series will either be set in Atlanta again or elsewhere in the country or in the world for that matter.


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Love Is Blind finished with the weddings, where the couples had to decide if they wanted to tie the knot or leave their other half standing at the altar.

The show itself was filmed two years ago but a reunion show which was shot recently will be shown on Netflix.

During the final instalment, fans can find out if any of them did actually get their happily ever after.

Love Is Blind’s reunion show will be dropped on Netflix on Thursday, March 5.

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