Love Is Blind: Stars Cameron and Lauren confirm spin-off talks ‘We hope so!’

After leaving fans stunned with the events of the season finale, Love Is Blind brought back the couples for a Netflix special to lay out all the drama from the last year. Fan favourite couple Cameron and Lauren have confirmed there could be spin-off series in the works.

The Reunion Special was a major event for the first season of the hit Netflix reality show, as Love Is Blind fans were left shocked by how some of the contestants’ lives had changed since the first season dropped.

What wasn’t surprising was the fact that fan favourite couple Cameron and Lauren had remained together all this time.

Singletons were gathered together in pods where they would be able to speak to potential dates but not see them.

After deciding who they wanted to be with, the couples only got to see what each other looked like once they had proposed and accepted the engagement.


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Dressed to the nines and ready to tie the knot, some pairings decided not to remain together after seeing what their prospective partners looked like.

Thankfully, fans were thrilled when Lauren and Cameron decided to go through with the wedding.

Their blossoming romance has proven such a popular aspect of the new series that they have become internet sensations.

Now with their own YouTube channel, inevitable discussions about a potential spin-off have been floating around.

The couple recently appeared in a video interview with ET Online, where they were asked if a spin-off was on the cards.

Both Lauren and Cameron seemed excited by the new possibilities a spin-off would bring, and confirmed they’re hoping a series will be coming soon.

Lauren said: “Spin-off gods if you’re listening, let’s make this happen!”

She then continued: “We would love to start continuing our story with everybody. All the juicy stuff is just now happening, like this is the good stuff!”

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Cameron was also excited by the idea of coming back to Netflix with a new series.

He added: “We just love working together and spending time together and going on these little adventures like we are right now.”

When asked what the spin-off would focus on they both agreed there’s infinite possibilities but agreed following their day-to-day family lives would make for the best content.

Cameron continued: “We want to show spending time with our family. There’s so much about blending our families.”


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The pair were also asked about plans to start growing their family when ET Online suggested there could be babies on the way soon.

Lauren said: “Eventually! I’m not saying tomorrow, but maybe next Valentine’s Day so we can keep them special.”

Cameron was equally ecstatic about the idea but assured: “I’m not going to pressure Lauren, it’s obviously a lot of work for her. And it will probably be a lot of work for at least 18 years.”

Finally he added: “But I’m very excited and I definitely feel that paternal instinct kicking in.”

Love is Blind is streaming on Netflix now.

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