Loose Women’s Kaye Adams admits she lies about her real age as she approaches 60

Loose Women star Kaye Adams has confessed she has lied about her age over the years after she branded herself an “age denier.”

As the BBC Radio Scotland host approaches her 60th birthday this year, she confessed that she is panicking about reaching the memorable milestone.

In her new podcast, How To Be 60, the blonde bombshell explained how she often likes to keep her real age close to her chest after taking after her mother’s “age-phobia.”

During her latest instalment of the show, she recalled a worrying tale where she found her mother lied to the police about her age.

She told listeners: “What I quite like to do is disseminate false information. In different stories I fudge my age so there are loads of different ages out there. I have always been age-phobic or an age denier – call it what you like.

“My mum was stopped for speeding…and so a young policeman stops and said, ‘What are your details and what’s your age?’

“And my mum said, ‘Over 21’ and that what she said all the time. This escalated and we had to go to the local police station and my dad had to come and spring us from the police station because he quietly in a corner revealed her date of birth to the desk sergeant so that that was it.

“So I guess that’s implanted in my brain somewhere and she never ever conceded her age,” she confessed.

The mum-of-two went on to confess how she has developed a fear over her age which the star struggles to address on Loose Women.

She added: “Actually saying the numbers out loud I find really difficult. On the phone, like in the bank or whatever and they ask you your age or insurance and they ask for a date of birth I can say it. I don’t like it but I can say it.

“But that’s really the only situation that I can say it, and, like, if I’m on Loose Women or whatever and they know that I'm a bit bonkers about my age and they’ll try and prompt me to say my date of birth or whatever. And I really don’t like to have to admit that.”

Her new podcast has launched just in time for the Easter weekend with a new episode which drops each Friday.

Loose Women airs on weekdays from 12.30pm.

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