Loose Womens Denise Welch furiously clashes with Kaye McAdams over lockdown rules

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Denise Welch and Kaye McAdams went head-to-head on Loose Women in a feisty spat over the government’s lockdown rules.

Following health secretary Matt Hancock’s resignation after being caught cheating on his wife and breaking lockdown rules, today’s panel questioned how they felt about continuing to adhere to government guidelines over coronavirus.

Joined by Jane Moore and Judi Love, Denise tore into the government’s handling of the Covid pandemic, believing there’s always been a “one rule for us, one for them” outlook when it came to the handling of the virus.

“I will no longer abide by rules that make absolutely no sense on not keeping me safe and not keeping my family safe,” Denise said.

“But I say the same as Judi – that way lies anarchy, if we all make it up ourselves,” Kaye responded..

“But maybe there has to be a little bit of anarchy,” Denise hit back, being backed up by Jane who argued that people making decisions for themselves is a normal way of handling life.

Denise continued stating that there’s a growing health crisis elsewhere that needs more attention.

“It's no longer the biggest health crisis, we have the vaccination – if the vaccination and if the vaccination works, we have to move forward,” Denise said, claiming that while 11 died yesterday from Covid, hundreds more died from cancer, heart disease, sepsis and suicide.

“If we continue to be Covid-centric, we are never going to recover the depth of the undiagnosed diseases that happen.”

As tension continued to rise on the panel, Kaye attempted to diffuse the situation and argued that, in the midst of a pandemic, we had no option but to “put ourselves in the hands of experts”.

“To be brutal, if I've got to listen to either you or Professor Chris Whitty, I'm gonna go with Professor at the end of the day,” she told her friend.

The pair later responded to tweets from viewers, with one fan, Victoria, causing another upset.

She wrote: “It's made me angry and it does make me think, what's the point, and then my anger feeds and I remember that I actually care about other human beings, so I will continue to do what is necessary.”

“But that thing that I don't care about other human beings…” Denise responded. “People who say things like that feel that people that have my views and need to move on, don't care.”

Kaye cut in at that point and started talking over Denise, adding that they had to allow as many people’s views as possible.

When Denise started talking about friends in New Zealand not wanting to take the vaccine, Kaye shut her down completely, stating they ‘had to be careful what they said in a public forum’ such as Loose Women.

“What have I just said though that's in any way contentious?” Denise argued. “I'm just saying what my Kiwi friend told me. I'm sick of being careful about anything when you're just expressing an opinion about something.

“I'm double vaccinated. I'm a pro-vax person, I'm saying what other people have said.”

The pair eventually simmered down long enough to agree to disagree over the discourse.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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