Loose Women's Coleen Nolan says she's happier now than she was at size 10 – but still wants to lose two stone

LOOSE Women presenter Coleen Nolan says she is happier at her current weight than she ever was as a svelte size 10.

Coleen, who released her own range of best-selling fitness DVDs after shedding five stone, exclusively revealed to The Sun Online that she "lost her personality" after getting down to her target weight of eight stone.

And while she's just pledged to lose at least two stone for health reasons, she is adamant she will stop there.

"I kept the weight off for five years, but it was so tough staying at that weight," she told The Sun Online. "I was training six days a week and watching everything I ate.

"I got down to a size 10 and felt great in that respect and clothes shopping was divine; I could go into any shop and everything would fit, but being thin didn't make me happy.

Adding: "I lost a bit of me somewhere – I lost a bit of my personality. I think because part of my personality is always making jokes and putting myself down."

"For example, if I’m on Loose Women and they’re all talking about carrots, I'll be the one sitting there eating cake.

"When I lost the weight and we were on the show discussing eating cake I felt uncomfortable joining in, because it was obvious I wasn’t eating it.

"I also felt under pressure and stared at by people waiting for me to fail and put it all back on. So I just gave them their glory and put it back on!"

But Coleen, who shed the weight in 2009, is now determined to do something about her size again.

"I do need to lose weight now," she said. "I'd definitely like to lose at least two stone, but that isn’t to aesthetically please other people, that’s because I'm 55 and all of a sudden my joints are aching more. So it's more of a health reason.

"I will get round to it, but I feel happier now and more comfortable in my own skin than I did ten years ago. I think that comes with age and wisdom and maybe also because I’m not married, so I don't have to worry whether anyone fancies me!

"Now I’m in my mid 50s I'm less bothered about everything – not that I was ever that bothered! But certainly I worry less about pleasing other people if it doesn't please me."

Coleen's growing confidence has certainly reaped dividends, with her career at an all-time high.

As well as her day job on ITV's lunchtime chat show Loose Women, Coleen is currently filming a new TV series which sees her cruising the Med with her singing sisters Linda, Anne and Maureen.

When she returns she will begin filming a reality show, which follows her new life after fulfilling her childhood ambition of buying a country farm.

There are also plans for a new series of ITV's The All New Monty: Ladies Night and in the autumn she heads off on a three-month tour of the hit new play The Thunder Girls, which opened to sell-out crowds at Manchester's Lowry Theatre last year.

Based on the number 1 best-selling novel by former music manager Melanie Blake and co-starring Coronation Street's Beverley Callard and former EastEnders actress Carol Harrison, it tells the story of a fictional '80s girl group who haven’t spoken to each other in 30 years, after greed, envy and ego tore the band and their friendships apart.

The women are now all in their 50s and the play focuses on 'the reunion from hell' as former lead singer Chrissie attempts to save herself from bankruptcy by getting the band back together.

Coleen plays Anita, who ran away when the group split and hasn’t been seen or heard of since.

"She's the most laid-back out of the group. She ran away from the business. She’s not interested in it and has set up her own life. The rest of the band are meeting up, but they don’t even know if Anita is going to turn up," Coleen said.

"It's a fantastic scrip because it's based on truth! Every band you see re-uniting for these reunion tours has to have a dinner where they see if they can set aside all the issues that caused them to break up and let’s just say the main dish served at The Thunder Girls dinner is definitely revenge!

"Beverley Callard is fantastic in it – it's quite surreal for me to find myself opposite her on stage after watching her on Corrie for thirty years but I am loving it."

Coleen began her singing career with The Nolans at just 15 and although several of her singing sisters went on to carve out successful acting careers, The Thunder Girls is Coleen’s first acting role.

Although she has been offered acting work before, Coleen rejected it, choosing to stay at home to bring up her children, shop assistant Ciara, now 18, musician Jake, 27 and entertainer Shane Jr, 31.

She said: "I turned acting roles down a lot over the years, mainly because it wasn’t the right time for me. The problem with touring and the West End is that they’re such long contracts – up to a year – and my daughter Ciara was too young.

"I didn't want to uproot my family, but neither did I want to be away from them for that length of time.

"But of course they're all grown up now. They're all adults and quite independent and I'm on my own, so I've got nothing to stop me."

Coleen, who is single, following her 2018 divorce from musician Ray Fensome, admitted she will never return to singing though.

In 2009 she joined sisters Bernie, Linda and Maureen on a sell-out UK reunion tour. A Farewell Tour was planned for 2012 but was cancelled when Bernie tragically died from breast cancer.

Fans hoped they would go ahead with the tour the following year, but Coleen revealed she will never sing with The Nolans again, following Bernie's death.

She added: "I can’t ever imagine touring again without Bernie in the line-up, so as far as I’m concerned The Nolans as a performing group is over for me."

Coleen, who was previously married to singer Shane Richie, has been single for two years since her split from second husband Ray.

She recently revealed she hadn’t had sex for three years, but insisted she is in no rush to find Mr Right.

The presenter, who recently moved house and now lives on a farm in Cheshire, shared: "I've not even been on a date. I'd love to meet a nice farmer but I really am not in a rush.

"If it happens organically that’s fine, but I'm certainly not looking for it. I'm actually loving every minute of the single life. I like being on my own, because I’ve been in relationships really since I was 15.

"I was obviously married to Shane for years and then to Ray, so it's nice making my own decisions and not having to compromise."

The nationwide tour of The Thunder Girls starts on September 1. For tour info visit www.thundergirls.co.uk.

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