Line of Duty's Anna Maxwell Martin leaves This Morning fans 'in fits' as she cackles through ENTIRE interview

LINE of Duty's Anna Maxwell Martin left This Morning fans "in fits" as she cackled throughout the ENTIRE interview.

The 43-year-old actress joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to discuss the current series of the hit crime drama.

Anna plays sinister DS Patricia Carmichael who has quickly become Britain's most hated villain in the BBC One show.

The TV star appeared on the breakfast show to speak about her character, but a number of viewers were left distracted by Anna's constant laughing.

The actress chuckled her way through the interview, but presenter Holly was left convinced that Anna's reaction was really a rouse to stop the hosts from asking any probing questions about the upcoming storyline.

A number of fans flocked to comment on Anna's bizarre behaviour, with one writing: "Anna Maxwell Martin on This Morning. She's hilarious, was so different to her character."

Another posted: "What a fun interview to watch of Anna Maxwell Martin on This Morning. She was so giggly. Complete opposite to DCI Carmichael."

A third agreed: "Anna Maxwell Martin has left me in fits. She is brilliant and not giving anything away about her despicable character."

A fourth added: "Anna you made me laugh this morning with Phil and Holly. Just fantastic. So glad people are getting to see just how delightful and bubbly she is."

Meanwhile, Anna explained that her character was "misunderstood" and joked that her character "probably just wants a nice cuddle".

Phil asked the actress if her character was insecure, with Anna bursting into fits of giggles, replying: "Of course she is, you have no idea what is going on at Pat's house. She could be going through all sorts. She's a bit of a power freak I suppose."

The battleaxe returned to the hit BBC1 police thriller last week to cause more mayhem among the anti-corruption team.

She nearly saw her AC-12 nemesis, Supt Ted Hastings, banged up as a bent copper after she was brought in to investigate from rival unit, AC-3.

Viewers were last night left convinced that that hated DS Patricia Carmichael is the shadowy 'H' after the explosive episode.

At one point she hammered her pen on the desk four times – spelling out 'H' in Morse Code.

Morse Code is an alphabet that spells out words or messages – for example the distress signal 'SOS' – using a series of short and long sounds.

But by tapping out four short sharp raps on a table, as Carmichael did, it indicates the letter 'H'.

The criminal mastermind – known only by the single letter – has long been thought to be at the heart of police corruption on Line Of Duty.

Many now put Carmichael as favourite to be exposed as H, with one writing: "Don't mean to alarm anyone but ? at Carmichael's pen? Tapped four times and H in Morse code is • • • •."


In an epic interrogation scene in last night's Line Of Duty, the DS repeatedly steered the conversation away from police corruption while interrogating Jo Davidson.

And she slapped down Supt Ted Hastings when he attempted to talk about his favourite subject, the "fourth man" pulling the strings inside Central Police.

Carmichael told him: "The interviewee has repeatedly said she doesn't know about any of this.

"It's a dead end. So let's focus on events surrounding the events of the killing of Ryan Pilkington."

She then turned to Steve saying: "DS Arnott. Let's chivvy things along shall we?"

Many fans were left fuming by her behaviour and insisting she had replaced murderous Ryan as the show's public enemy No1 after he was gunned down last night.

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