Line of Duty recap: Everything you need to know ahead of season 6

Line of Duty: BBC release trailer for series six

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Line of Duty season six premieres Sunday, March 21 at 9pm on BBC One. There are seven episodes this time around, airing every Sunday on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer. The series has been on screen since 2012 and has become one of the most popular British police dramas to date. has everything you need to know about Line of Duty ahead of the new series.

Line of Duty follows the work of anti-corruption unit AC-12, led by Superintendent Ted Hastings (played by Adrian Dunbar).

Alongside his staff, DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and undercover officer DS Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), AC-12 polices the work of the police, seeking out corrupt officers operating within the force.

Line of Duty season one

The first series sees AC-12 investigate the work of suspected corrupt officer DC Tony Gates (Lennie James).

Things take a turn when Gates is framed for his mistress’ murder by Tommy (Brian McCardie), a leader of a local Organised Crime Group (OCG).

Taking matters into his own hands, Gates led AC-12 to Tommy, before taking his own life.

However, Gates was not the only corrupt officer linked to the OCG.

Officer Matthew Dot Cottan (Craig Parkinson) appears to have relations with Tommy and OCG, who call him the caddy.

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Line of Duty season two

In series two of Line of Duty, corrupt officer Dot Cottan, joins AC-12, effectively allowing his OCG to run without detection.

Dot Cottan’s employment effectively leads to the downfall of DI Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes).

Denton was framed for murder by Dot Cottan after a convoy of police cars were attacked, killing all of the officers on duty – apart from Denton and a protected witness, who turns out to be OCG leader, Tommy, from season one.

With Tommy severely injured, a fake nurse working for the OCG, killed Tommy in his hospital bed.

Elsewhere, Denton is awaiting trial but after being released on a day visit to say goodbye to her dying father, she was kidnapped by two bent coppers working for the OCG.

Despite fighting back against the bent coppers, Denton is still wrongly convicted of attempted murder.

Towards the end of the series, AC-12 were made aware of a bent copper nicknamed ‘the Caddy’ working within the police force.

However, the man put in charge of finding AC-12 is the caddy himself, Dot Cottan.

Line of Duty series three

The third series begins with a new recruit, Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays), shooting a suspect in cold blood at the scene of a crime.

In a huge twist, a member of Danny’s team shot him dead, framing it as a suicide, on the orders of Dot Cottan.

However, little did his killer know Danny had left behind a list of names who were involved in a huge paedophile ring.

Before the list can be discovered, Dot Cottan/Caddy hides the list, raising eyebrows amongst viewers.

However, Arnott and Fleming were one step ahead and realised a former copper, Patrick Fairbank (George Costigan) is was one of the paedophiles on the list.

If things were not complicated enough, Denton is released from prison and is back with a vengeance. 

She teamed up with Arnott to help uncover the list, which is later sent to AC-12.

In a devastating twist, moments after Denton sent the list to AC-12, she was shot dead in what viewers believed to be Cottan’s car.

However, the car actually belonged to Arnott, with Cottan framing the detective for the murder of Denton.

Thankfully, AC-12 soon realise Dot Cottan is the Caddy they had been looking for all along.

After texting the OCG ‘urgent exit required’, Cottan was able to make a run for it with Fleming hot on his tail.

In another huge twist of the series, Cottan jumped in front of several bullets, fired by a member of his own OCG, to save Fleming’s life.

Cottan made a dying confession to Fleming, revealing there was a corrupt officer in the force whose name began with H.

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Line of Duty season four

In series four, DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) is on a mission to find a serial killer but her colleague, Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins), who works in forensics is keeping a very obvious eye on her.

Huntley decided to take matters into her own hands and pay Ifield a visit at his home, who in return, tried to kill her.

Before Huntley could be killed with a chainsaw, she woke up and killed Ifield herself.

She then proceeded to frame Ifield for another murder she was working on and even frames her own husband. 

Before Huntley’s husband was arrested, he had a man wearing a balaclava throw DS Arnott down the stairs. 

AC-12 then discover a solicitor and police boss, by the name of Hilton are linked to the man wearing a balaclava who threw Arnott down the stairs.

Hilton is immediately one of the suspects in the ‘H’ case, but at the very end of season four, fingers begin to be pointed at Ted Hastings, as his second name also begins with H.

Line of Duty season five

Series five of Line of Duty begins with a police convoy being hijacked by the OCG.

DS John Corbett (Stephen Graham) is an undercover cop, posing as a criminal and member of the OCG is to blame for the attack on the police.

It is in the fifth series the hunt to uncover H is really begins.

Corbett, in particular, is obsessed with revealing H’s true identity and used the OCG to help lure him out of the police ranks.

However, OCG member, Lisa (Rochenda Sandall) soon realised Corbett is an undercover cop and has him killed by Ryan, the young boy who crossed paths with AC-12 in season one.

Elsewhere, members of AC-12 and others in the police force are starting to suspect Hastings is actually H and he faces numerous interrogations about is interests.

Hastings’ situation is not helped after he met with a member of the OCG, without AC-12’s knowledge.

Line of Duty fans will remember the intense interrogation scenes, where Hastings was being interrogated by AC3, the police organisation that police AC-12.

Just as Hastings is charged with corruption, Arnott and Fleming expose lawyer Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker), who first appeared in series three, as being a member of the OCG herself and had been trying to frame Hastings.

Just as the epic season five finale comes to an end, Arnott re-watched the footage of Dot Cottan’s dying confession.

He realises Cottan’s choice to squeeze his hand four times may have been a signal.

In Morse code, the letter H in morse code is four dots, which could mean four corrupt officers make up H, and there is still one to be caught.

Fans will hopefully find out who H really is in series six of Line of Duty

Line of Duty season six premieres Sunday, March 21 at 9pm on BBC One
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