Liar fans fume as Laura easily pickpockets DS Maxwell and breaks into his phone – The Sun

LIAR fans are furious as Laura easily pickpockets DS Maxwell and breaks into his phone.

The second season of the show Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) as she is accused of killing her rapist, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd).

Laura is desperate to prove her innocence and tries to uncover evidence of a set-up.

Viewers are suspicious about Rory after he's told Laura's sat-nav has no fingerprints off it – meaning someone wiped them – and he tenses up.

Later, Laura follows DS Maxwell to a restaurant, where he is having a meal with his family.

She stops him by pretending she is drunkenly confronting him, before falling into his arms.

While Rory threatens her with arrest, it turns out that school teacher Laura had managed to pickpocket his phone.

Not only does she steal from the senior police officer without him noticing, she breaks through the security too.

She manages to guess the passcode after three tries, and it turns out to be 3333.

Then she finds emails, one of which has the subject line "What is Laura Nielson's freedom worth?"




Fans didn't think this was the most realistic scene and took to Twitter to complain.

One person said: "She guesses the phone password in three attempts?"

Another added: "How did she knowvthe code of Rory's phone?!?"

A third remarked: "Now she’s a professional pickpocket and hacker?!"

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