Lea Michele Allegedly Called ‘Glee’ Background Actors Cockroaches and Burped on Black Extra’s Face

Another unfavorable report about the former ‘Glee’ leading lady emerges as one of the background actresses Imia Edwards claims the Rachel Berry depicter used to refer to the extras as roaches.

AceShowbizLea Michele is facing claims she burped in actress Imia Edwards‘ face during a scene on the set of U.S. TV show “Glee“.

The 33-year-old actress found herself at the centre of bullying allegations after her co-star Samantha Ware claimed she made her life a “living hell” when they worked together on the programme. Since then, despite Lea issuing an apology, numerous stars have come forward to reveal more disturbing allegations about the screen star, with Imia the latest to make similar claims about her reported behaviour.

In an episode of the sixth season of the show, Imia played a dancer who stood in a hallway during Lea’s character Rachel Berry’s New York audition – with the scene ending as Rachel stormed past her and a group of other extras to get out of the room.

“Take after take she had to walk by me in a huff, but in between certain things would just happen,” Imia told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. “She walked by me and burped in my face, this loud burp, directly almost face-to-face, it wasn’t even like, ‘oh she wouldn’t have known…’ she knew she burped in my face!”

“Two other people saw it and an operator said, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry she did that.’ I was just like, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ you’re on set trying to be professional, you’re not trying to make a huge deal about things. (After) the second or third take she walked by me and stepped on my foot really hard. You know when you bump into someone you can feel it, again nothing, no reaction, like I wasn’t there.”

“Another extra rolled her eyes like, ‘Wow, that’s so like her to not acknowledge.’ It made me feel like I was nothing, even if she just said in a half-a**ed kind of way like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ but no.”

Calling Lea “cold,” Imia also alleged she referred to the extras as “cockroaches” – with other people even warning her about the actress before she signed up to star in “Glee”.

“I’ve never really seen anyone treat extras like that, to that level of, ‘Ugh, don’t look at me, don’t make eye contact, ugh cockroaches, there they are,” Imia said. “Dude, we’re still coworkers, we’re still people, all trying to get this episode done as a group. I think I was even on a different show and someone was like, ‘Oh, you know Lea’s a b**ch, right? She calls the extras cockroaches.”

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