Law and Order OC theory: Stabler forced to leave squad after showdown with Wheatley?

Law and Order: NBC teases SVU crossover

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Ever since the Law and Order: Organized Crime reunion of Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) took place on the NBC hit drama, fans have been worried about Stabler’s fate. As he grieved for his wife Kathy (Isabel Gillies), a new theory has emerged suggesting the former detective could be in trouble with his new team for hunting down crime boss Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott).

In Organized Crime’s series premiere, Kathy Stabler was murdered in a car bomb.

The former detective’s desire for revenge led him to join the special task force back in New York to hunt down the perpetrator and avenge his wife.

But with tensions escalating and Stabler in more danger than ever thanks to Wheatley’s network of criminals, could going after Wheatley lead an increasingly volatile Stabler down a dark path?

A new theory suggests that his thirst for revenge could lead to him being kicked off the team to avoid blowing their months-long operation against the mafioso.

In season one of Organized Crime, Stabler has had a mission to capture Wheatley but, in the finale, the character managed to escape custody, which left the detective feeling guilty and increasingly angry.

Stabler is still suffering from guilt over failing to save his wife, and losing the man who murdered her could push him over the edge.

His need for revenge will surely cause concern amongst the fanbase who will surely be worried about the character’s fate.

How will Stabler’s actions in season two affect his position on the team?

Stabler’s new sergeant Ayanna Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt) has expressed concern for her partner throughout the season.

She has repeatedly attempted to get him help but Stabler has staunchly refused.

Former partner Benson even gathered his children together as an intervention and his youngest son Eli (Nicky Torchia) prayed that he tackles his grief in a healthier way.

So far, the cop hasn’t listened as his desire to take down Wheatley has clouded his judgement.

Will this cost him his job in season two?

Actor Meloni seems to think so as he hinted that his showdown with Wheatley will be epic.

Since his return to the world of Law and Order, he has continually butted heads with Wheatley, and the actor has revealed that a showdown will definitely happen soon between the two, especially since the latter has now escaped.

Speaking at a junket [via Deadline], stars Meloni and McDermott teased fans on what they have to look forward to.

Meloni said: “We have an altercation or two, or an interaction or two. 

“You know, our courses must intersect. I think [Wheatley’s] going to get the short end of that deal”.

Meloni also promised fans that, while questions will be answered, other crucial questions will arise for the character, promising it’s “going to be a continuing saga”.

Aside from his wife’s death, other complications for Stabler are arising since he is romantically interested in Wheatley’s ex-wife Angela (Tamara Taylor).

Discussing the storyline, Meloni stated, “that’s a very tangled area”, and that Stabler wasn’t used to being in the position he currently finds himself in.

Wheatley, described by McDermott as “a family man”, will not be pleased if a relationship begins between the two, it’ll make their current conflict all the worse.

“I think he is lost in that world,” Meloni added, discussing his character’s struggle on the show and inevitable showdown with Wheatley.

Law and Order: SVU season 22 and Organized Crime season 1 are currently airing in the UK on Sky Witness and Now TV.

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