Kim Woodburn warns coronavirus will kill children and begs rat-bag public to stop spread with these 5 top tips – The Sun

KIM Woodburn has warned coronavirus will take the lives of children if the public do not stop the spread of the virus.

The TV star, known for being Britain’s most famous cleaner, issued the stark warning this evening and slammed the use of masks, saying they would not stop the virus.

In an interview with The Sun’s Executive Editor Dan Wootton on his talkRADIO drivetime show, Kim said now was the time for the public to clean up their acts.

Kim, 77, said: “Folks, if there is any time in your life to get hygiene it is now.

“Your children will die, your babies will die. You will kill people if you don’t look after your hygiene.

“I am afraid we have become unclean. We are responsible for spreading this virus around, we the public have made this pandemic.

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“We are spreading the coronavirus around through our hands.

“You touch a door, twenty people have touched it before you, they could have coronavirus – you don’t know. You go into a place and your bare hands touch the door, or restaurant tables.

“It might look silly but I don’t care. I take wet wipes out with me, alcohol based, and everywhere I sit – for example on the train, I wash the table in front of me.

“Press that train door button with a wet wipe. Clean your hands.

Kim’s coronavirus top tips

  • Shun masks and gloves for simple hand washing
  • Carry wet wipes at all times
  • Sterilise any surface you come into contact with
  • Shame dirty pals and colleagues for not washing hands
  • Touch face as little as possible

“I don’t care if people laugh – I wipe everything and I have a paper bag in my handbag which I throw them into.

“When people walk around with these masks on they think they’re being clever but they’re stupid.

“You have bare hands my love, you’re touching doors, tables, touching your face and your eyes.”

Kim went on to blast those who refuse to wash their hands after using the toilet and said the public should call out people who don’t follow basic guidelines.

She said: “We need to condemn poor hygiene.

“These people aren’t decent people – they are rat bags

“Look around you, we only look at unhygienic people when virus’ start to spread.

“There is someone at their desk, sneezing into their hand, they have a sandwich on the side – they are one big disease.

“These people are a disease.”

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