Kaye Adams details what sabotaged her Strictly performance

Kaye Adams emotionally discusses her Strictly exit

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Last Sunday saw Loose Women star Kaye, 59, in the dance-off alongside Matt Goss and Nadiya Bychkova. The journalist was ultimately eliminated following a vote by the judges, three of whom decided Kaye should be the one to leave Strictly Come Dancing. Reflecting on her journey on the BBC competition, Kaye detailed in her podcast How to be 60, that she takes “responsibility” for the elimination and said she shouldn’t have let a “scathing” article get in her head.

Kaye explained how she had read a critical piece about herself just hours before she was due to perform the Charleston live on TV.

Chatting in her first podcast episode since her Strictly exit, Kaye commented: “I absolutely don’t regret it for a second.

“I met so many wonderful people. I learned so much about myself, you’ll be glad to know good things.

“I learned a lot from Kai, who is 30-odd years younger than me.”

The presenter confessed: “And you know, he could teach me a few things about self-belief and not always putting yourself down.

“So there’s so many positives. I also know that if I wanted to, I could learn to dance, so I’m never gonna say again, ‘I cannot dance,’ because there’s no reason.”

Delving into her headspace on Saturday night, she described how reading opinions about herself had impacted her.

“On the Thursday, I was in quite a good mood, I had the routine in my head,” she recalled.

“It was enormous fun that week, we were around the set, I love spending time with these young dancers, you know, and all the people, the wardrobe people, the make up people and everything, I was having such a good time.

“And I thought, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m gonna give this a go, I’m going to be fine.’

“And then somebody sent me a newspaper column, which was so scathing.

“Now of course, everyone has the right to write whatever they want and publish their views.

“I have no issue with that. I take that. But I let it get in my head. I take responsibility for that.

“Because I deliberately stayed off social media, but this just pinged in and it got through my defences.

“And for 12 hours I just had it going round my head. I thought, ‘They’ve got it right.’

“This is maybe the lesson I’ve learned, which is just to not allow that to come in and sabotage you.”

Paying tribute to Kai, who last year made it to the final with AJ Odudu, Kaye stated: “I did get the best one.”

She continued: “it became a friendship. He was very easy to be with. I really enjoyed his company.

“But you really are there to do a job. And so the awkwardness that I initially had of you know, god I’m 59 and he’s twenty-something, it completely just disappeared because he is a very mature guy.

“He’s been competing at the very highest level at world level since he was 12. So he’s not like a normal 27-year-old. You know, he’s dedicated his life.”

How to be 60 with Kaye Adams is available to listen to on all major podcast platforms.

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