Kay Burley to ‘remain off Sky News until 2021’ after Covid rule-break

Kay Burley will not return to Sky News until 2021, it has been reported after the presenter apologised for breaking coronavirus tier two rules.

The TV anchor admitted to breaching the measures while out celebrating her 60th birthday in London on Saturday. 

In a series of tweets, Kay explained how she had dinner at a ‘Covid compliant restaurant’ before popping into a second restaurant to use the bathroom. 

However Guido Fawkes reported that the journalist first marked the occasion at Century Club in Soho with a group of 10 that included three of her Sky colleagues.

Kay’s party sat at two tables before going on to a nearby restaurant. It’s also claimed a smaller group of four then returned to her home to continue the celebrations. 

According to i News, Kay will not appear on-air again until early next year.

Sources told the publication that the presenter was already set to be on annual leave from next Monday, December 14 until January 4 2021.

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