Katie Price's daughter Princess mocks her FIVE driving bans and singing talent in brutal Q&A

KATIE Price has been mocked by her daughters over FIVE driving bans and her singing talent.

The former model and reality star, 42, was taking questions from fans duringa Q&A on YouTube along with boyfriend Carl Woods, youngest daughter Bunny, six, and Princess, 13.

One of the questions was which member of the family would be more likely to get arrested, and both Princess and Bunny pointed at their mum.

"Me?" Katie exclaimed, before Princess told Carl she thought he was "quite sensible."

"You're just going off my driving offences, being banned four times," argued Katie, "I haven't been arrested!"

But Princess laughed: "Being banned four times!"

Katie has actually been banned five times in the past ten years.

Later, Carl asked Princess if she thought her mum could sing and Princess emphatically stated "no."

An outraged Katie replied: "I think I can sing, that's all that matters!"

In December 2010, Katie was banned from driving for six months after accumalating 13 points on her licence,

Less than two years later in August 2012 she was barred for another 12 months after failing to respond to two speeding tickets.

But she later went on to win an appeal, arguing she had not seen the tickets as she did not open her own post.

Six years later in 2018 she was banned for a further six months after building up more points on her licence, and only 11 months later in January 2019 she was banned a fourth time after admitting to driving while disqualified.

A month later she was banned again after being convicted being nearly twice over the alcohol limit while in charge of her pink Range Rover.

In October 2019, she was banned for another two years for points on her licence and receiving a fourth driving ban within two years.

The ban was later reduced to 18 months.






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